limited lifetime
knife warranty


The TEKTO Limited Lifetime Knife Warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship. If one of our knives ever breaks or fails due to material or a manufacturing defect, we’ll repair or replace the knife at no charge for labor or parts – shipping is $19.99.

Coverage ends if you sell or otherwise transfer the knife to someone else or modify your TEKTO knife.

This warranty does not cover breakage
or failure due to misuse of the knife.

  • Using the blade for anything but cutting will void the warranty.
  • Disassembly will void the warranty.
  • Misusing knives for prying, pounding, throwing, alteration, improper handling, abuse, neglect or improper sharpening will void the warranty.

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people are asking

Can I get replacement screws?

Tekto does send replacement screws. Please contact us to start the process.

Can you fix my damaged knife?

Tekto repairs damaged knives. We have an internal repairs process that requires all knives be shipped back to us at our location in Maine to be repaired or refurbished.

Can I get a new pocket clip?

Yes, we will offer to replace pocket clips.

Will you sharpen my knife?

Tekto will sharpen Tekto brand knives.

Will you replace my knife if it's lost?

Tekto doesn't replace knives if they have gotten lost or are missing.