5 Uses Of a Pocket Knife

When you mention 'life-changing', people usually imagine something grand - the invention of wheels, the Wright brothers' first flight, man landing on the moon, the electricity, radio, computer ... even your iPhone. Anything but the humble knife. And yet, the knife has been man's number one choice of tool for millions of years. Without the knife, we wouldn't fly, get to the moon, or build computers, and to be honest, without it humans would probably be extinct by now. The knife is what placed us at the top of the food chain, and then placed us at the helm of civilization. From ancient men to modern-day space explorers - the knife has been a central theme. And if someday you meet an E.T., you'll probably find a folding knife on him too.

So, what can you use a folding knife for? Here, we're going to take a look at some of the best uses of a folding knife.

Top Uses Of A Folding Knife

There are countless things you can do with a folding knife. The world's your oyster when you have a folder in your pocket. Before anything, the folding knife is a great fidget-toy for men who find it hard to sit still for too long. That's 99% of men. So, get one - flick it open and close incessantly. It's fun, addictive, and really annoying for your girlfriend next to you.

There are far more useful uses. This is a survival tool and as you're about to see it can help save and survive in the most treacherous conditions.

Shave Kindling For Campfire

This is one of the most historic uses of the knife. Collect some twigs and branches and use the knife to shave kindling to start a campfire. This use alone is useful to help cook, stay safe from predators in the wild, keep warm, and signal for help.

Open Food Cans

This is another popular use of the knife. When camping outside you may have to rely on all kinds of food sources, especially the canned kind. A knife is a great tool for opening stubborn cans when the tab is missing.

Reel In A Giant

Any fisherman will tell you that one of the essential angling tools is a knife. Most fishermen will carry a reliable folding knife along with a more robust fixed blade knife. The fixed blade knife is usually used for filleting while the folding knife does essential jobs like cutting lines.

Strip Wire

Sometimes your friendly knife is all you need to fix the lamp. If you don't have proper stripping tools, the knife can do the job. This is not a skill that's hard to master. Once you know what you're doing you'll save a fortune with your friendly knife.

Damn The Corkscrew

You'll impress anyone when you learn how to pop open the wine bottle with a knife. It's impressive by all means. Outdoor barbecues and picnics often have the wine but not the opener. You can take charge. You'll need to go on YouTube and learn the trick first. Or, simply use a Swiss Knife.