The Best Left-Handed Automatic Knives

Over the past hundred years, the United States Of America has strayed more and more to the left. No, I'm not suggesting that Americans are becoming leftist. It's not the country's politics I'm hinting at, but its growing number of left-handed presidents. Barack Obama was the latest to join the ranks of America's greatest left-handed leaders of the 20th century. Just look at the list - James Garfield, Herbert Hoover, Harry Truman, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton... all of them were southpaws. Being left-handed doesn't just make you an instant candidate for the Oval Office, it offers heaps of other benefits too.


The World Is Made For The Right Handed. But Not All Knives.

The world is made for righties it seems, which is both unfortunate and sad if you ask me. But some studies suggest that it may be good news for the southpaws since they learn to be ambidextrous, meaning they adapt to the right-handed world and become adept at using both hands. There are huge benefits to this. However, when it comes to wielding a blade to hack down a tree or gut your hunt, you may want a knife that is a fit for your dominating hand.


The World Of Left-Handed Knives

Like the rest of the consumer world, most knife makers reluctantly (or happily) sacrifice their left-handed users as they make up a tiny minority of the market. Most but not all. We wanted to celebrate Left-Handers Day the right way and highlight the best knives forged for our lefty kins. We dived deep to hunt down all kinds of knives, from automatic knives that could be switched from side to side to fixed knives and folding knives. After some grueling search, we finally came up with the 4 best left-handed knives.


Victorinox - Trekker

It's debatable whether Victorinox actually designed the world's most popular tactical knife to be left-handed-friendly or it was an accident. The fact remains this one-handed multitool knife deploys its blades and tools the wrong way for the right-handed majority. It's the perfect knife for all southpaws.


Tekto - Amber

Tekto Gear's Amber

Gear up. One of the world's finest EDC automatic knives with unmatched design principles is a perfect fit for both hands. A flawless symmetry runs from the tip of the blade to the bottom. An exquisite and ergonomic rosewood handle rapidly deploys a double-edged chrome steel blade that's razor-sharp and can slice a metal sheet. The most stunning tactical knife in Tekto arsenal is an elegant piece of craftsmanship and a perfect EDC knife for lefties.


Boker - Kalashnikov

It's not just the name that harks back to a leftist world. All that you love about the classic is now available for the left-handed. This snappy, automatic knife boasts a grippy ergonomic handle with a deep carry clip and a solid AUS-8 steel blade that can truly hold its edge. If you're a lefty looking for a reliable EDC automatic knife, make sure to check this out.


Kizer - Sheepdog

Without a doubt, the Kizer Sheepdog simply stands out. It might not be as elegant as the rosewood Amber, but we love everything unique about this knife. The distinctive CPM-S35VN blade cuts off at the top and is a savage performer that fires open from a neat titanium handle. The knife comes in both right and left-handed versions.