Texas Knife Laws (Updated 2021)

The Lone Star State is unique when it comes to their approach towards weapons and self-defense. Given its rich history, Texans are proud of their freedoms and are always at the forefront to oppose federal laws and protests that breathe any sign of impeding their freedoms. As with the rest of the country, state laws carry most jurisdiction when it comes to the legality of carrying weapons concealed or open.


But can I carry a switchblade legally or am I risking breaking the law?

Let’s start with what is a SWITCHBLADE

A switchblade (or otherwise known as an automatic knife or OTF - out-the-front knife) contains a spring mechanism that when activated propels the blade to fully open and lock into place. Fixed blade knives contain ‘ZERO’ moving parts and folding knives are manual, meaning they can only be open by actual human hand movement. Switchblades are a great go-to tool due to their versatility and rapid deployment. They can be used in a variety of professional environments and can shave off time when it is of the essence.


Switchblades contain 2 opening mechanisms

01. Button: By pressing the button, the blade is deployed into its full locked position.
02. Slide: Sliding the switch will shoot the blade straight out of its concealment.

It is fully legal to sell, repair, transport and possess switchblades across the State of Texas.

In 2017, Texas eliminated the “illegal knives” category from House Bill 1935 making it legal to possess and carry switchblades and other types of knives. They instead created a new list of restricted areas that make it illegal to possess a knife on site such as on University campuses, bars and schools.

“Location restricted knives refers to blades longer than 5.5” inches”
This new law makes it legal to carry and possess a knife in any area that permits knives. Therefore it is crucial to familiarize yourself with your local establishments and laws to be certain that you are abiding within the arms of the law. However, a number of knives are still classed as totally illegal due to their capability to inflict serious harm and trauma such as Trench knives with knuckle dusters, axes or tomahawks.

Knives can be carried both openly and concealed as there is no legal precedent riding over this issue. It is important to note that minors are allowed to legally carry knives, however, blades MUST NOT EXCEED 5.5 inches unless under special circumstance.

Adults may comfortably carry any length of knife except LOCATION RESTRICTED AREAS.

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