Switchblades Worth Your Attention

Switchblades have been around for centuries now. The first-generation automatic knives were constructed by craftsmen in Europe around the 18th century. Since then, they've been fondly called by many names such as automatic knives, Springer, flick blades, flick knives, ejector knives and so on.

At its core, they hold a simple but clever design. The spring assisted blade is contained within the handle which is ejected when one engages with the lever or button.

The advantages of this compact design are so vast that these knives have become an integral part of our daily lives whether facing a survival situation outdoors or simply opening a package.


How to Buy a Quality Pocket Knife Online?

Go online, search 'knives' and you'll find a bounty of automatic knives. They come in all shapes, sizes, quality and color. And so the problem arises. How do you choose the right one? It is truly an arduous task to find a quality switchblade that will fit your pocket and purpose.


Rule of thumb – If you really want to get a hold of a highly regarded all-purpose quality switchblade, then sweep away all thoughts of cheap knockoffs and replicas. We tested many of these cheap copies and not one passed any quality control test. At best you'll slice your finger in a survival situation.

Quality knives don't come cheap. So, don't waste your time beating a dead horse. 


Best Buy - Quality Automatic Knives



Amber is my personal favorite and top recommendation for an OTF (Out the Front) automatic knife.

Price is obviously a factor as you don't want to overspend. Coming at less than $175, this is the most strikingly beautiful as well as functional flick knife for the price.

An elegant ergonomic wooden handle firmly holds the 3.8” double-edged blade. The mesmerizing blade is made from chrome steel and reminiscent of Middle Age European swords.

The slide is as smooth as butter and the blade jumps out with remarkable speed.

2. Cutter

This is the best entry-level knife for anyone looking to buy an OTF on a budget. Don't let Cutter's size fool you. The 440-steel blade might come across smallish at 55mm in length but is menacing to look at and can cut through almost anything with ease.


The intricate work on the luxurious handle gives it a premium look and feel instead of a budget knife.

Best online buy under $100.


3. Mirage

If you're about to engage in a combat or enter a survival situation, Mirage is your ultimate OTF automatic knife. This also makes the best practical knife for everyday use.


The beautiful Damascus blade is deployed rapidly and smoothly with a sliding two-way lever. The dual-edged blade is both plain and serrated making it ideal for all cutting tasks.

The 440 pointed blade makes it perfect for most tactical endeavors whereas the hard zinc-aluminum alloy handle is almost indestructible.

Best OTF for everyday use and survival situations.


4. Rapid

True to its name, Rapid's blade kicks open at a lightning pace but with a silky-smooth action. The 440 solid steel blade is both plain and serrated making it suitable for all situations.

The aluminum handle is skinned to a dark non-slip elegant texture. The ergonomic handle is contoured to fit snugly in any palm for ultimate slashing and piercing.

For added function, there's a glass-breaker at the bottom of the handle which can be useful in combat situations for those trying to avoid the blade. The top to bottom dark finish also prevents the knife from glinting during night operations.


That was our list of top OTF automatic knife buys. Did you find another knife that you think could be included in this list? Please let us know.


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