Top 5 Switchblade Knives

Automatic knives are known for their versatility and speed especially in situations under duress. For any knife to make it to the top of the list each blade needs to carry a certain level of toughness, durability and grit. Switchblades are split between single-action and double-action mechanisms, meaning they both instantly deploy the blade; however, retracting may require manual handling if the knife is single-action. Double-actions tend to be pricier due to the added complexity of the deployment mechanism which can also stimulate increased wear & tear and also lead to more frequent breakages.

1. Microtech - Exocet Dagger

The Microtech Exocet Dagger comes in a midnight black sleek and petite design that you can almost but carry this bad boy in your wallet. Sporting a double-sided dagger blade with plain edge, you won’t need to worry from which side you are driving through materials.

1.98" blade length
CTS-204P steel dagger blade
5.625" head-to-heel
Belt clip and keyring hole

"Fantastic Cali Legal auto"
High quality blade that's Cali legal. I use it as a money clip and is perfect for that. Sharp blade that's great for basic utilitarian tasks. Highly recommend this for high-end money clip with Microtech attitude.
            Henry T.

2. Tekto Knives - Torp (discontinued)

The Tekto Torp comes in as the nuclear submarine of switchblades. Dressed in an olive green case, this stealthy beauty can get any job done. Complete with a tanto chrome blade that is plain throughout its bottom side, it features a semi-jagged edge on its top side. The grip is a combo of aviation-grade alloy and sandpaper peel meaning this warrior will stay put in hand. To add insult to injury you will even find a glass breaker at the helm for added benefit.

3.50" blade length
57 HRC chrome tanto blade
9.00" head-to-heel (including glass breaker)
Belt clip and tungsten glass breaker

"Awesome knife"
Easy to grip rubberized handle and quality built action. The blade will not shoot out the front if it's held against something, making it safer to pocket carry. It also comes with a nice sheath...
            William G.

3. Guardian Tactical - GTX-025

The Guardian Tactical is a compact yet robust switchblade. Featuring a petite 2.5” inch drop point blade that runs smooth throughout, the blade also sports weight-reducing holes to minimize the recoil during deployment. The switch lies on the side making for easy access whilst also running smoothly on ceramic bearings which significantly reduces friction.

2.50" blade length
Elmax drop point plain blade
6.625" head-to-heel
Stainless steel pocket clip

"Awesome EDC!"
I love it! it is super smooth and lightweight. Out of the box it comes crazy sharp! I like it better than any of my Microtech's! Just buy it.
            Luther P.

4. Tekto Knives - Mirage (discontinued)

Tekto’s Mirage might possibly be the creme-de-la-creme of EDC (Every Day Carry) knives. Out-the-front pops out a look-alike Damascus steel blade fully complete with etching and laser finish. The Mirage features a symmetrical double-sided blade that is top-half plain edge and serrated on the bottom half. The frame comes in digital woodland camo with the switch placed just above the rubber grip panels allowing for perfect thumb placement.

3.75" blade length
57HRC semi-plain/semi-serrated steel blade
9.25" head-to-heel
Hip clip and glass breaker

"I recommend this product"
My new toy. This is badassss! Military grade stuff, thanks guys
            Brando S.  

5. Benchmade - Autocrat 

The Benchmade Autocrat might be the best switchblade available. At first glance, it may look like a ‘regular joe’ but this high-performance tactical auto knife is far from ordinary. A firm favorite among the tactical community, the Autocrat combines both speed and power. A twin-sided plain finish blade deploys that’ll slice through almost anything standing in its way. Complete with an ergonomic frame and grip provides strength and firmness during use whilst also providing extra protection for durability and wear.

3.71" blade length
CPM-S30V steel dagger blade
8.75" head-to-heel
Pocket clip

"Benchmade never disappoints"
The action is extremely smooth, fast. Perfect amount of tension on the switch. I read a lot of reviews of "Microtech” is better" blah blah, but Benchmade has never let me down, so why change what's not broken.
            Seth t.

Whatever your use and purpose may be, switchblade will no doubt fulfill any heavy-duty task. Single-actions might be better suited in some cases due to their increased durability but that’s not to say that double-actions are weaker counter-parts. Even though they are more prone to damage and breakages in the long run they are still robust and resilient works of art that take care of business on game day.

*Make sure to double-check possession and carry laws as not all places consider switchblades legal knives.