Beginners Guide to Switchblades

In the creative and adventurous world of knives, choices are overwhelming. There are countless to choose from and ‘buying a knife’ has become an arduous task due to the variety of factors that come into play; price, material, purpose, location and most importantly “laws.” This goes across the board regardless of whether you are a newbie or seasoned veteran as browsing through thousands of different knives requires in-depth knowledge and focus. 

Broadly divided, there are 3 main types of knives  

Switchblade: rapid deployment by way of thumb flick or eject mechanism.
- Folding Knife: also regarded as a pocket-knife with a lock-blade mechanism.
Fixed Blade Knife: most commonly used in the kitchen and usually kept in a sheath. 

Switchblade knives can also be referred to as ‘automatic’ knives due to the nature of their operating mechanism.”

Switchblades Origin
Well, believe it or not, switchblades, or more commonly known as, automatic knives have been around since the mid-1700s. Their initial use was pretty limited and intended only as ‘rapid-deployment bayonets’ on the battlefield. Automatic knives today offer a sleek and sophisticated design along with outstanding convenience. 

Automatic knives aka Flip Blades usually contain a sliding or spring release mechanism that drives the blade out of its holster and deploys it for use. 

These knives such as the Mirage are easily deployed by using the thumb to flick the ‘switch’ and thus propelling the blade to eject out of the front of the handle. They can also be referred to as, OTF (Out the front) knives.

      Mirage - Aviation-grade camo blade (check state laws before purchase)

Automatic knives bring about certain benefits that cannot be found in other knives:

- One-hand opening
- Rapid-deployment
- Perfect for emergency situations
- Safety (when purchased from a reputed maker)
- Badass looks and feel

These benefits make it a great tool for outdoor enthusiasts and hunters who often find themselves in emergency situations and need speed and convenience at the touch of a button. 

However, it is imperative to keep one thing in mind when buying an automatic knife and that is to fully understand the “LAW” in your area!!!

Laws differ from state to state, and whilst it may be legal to own and even carry in one state, it may be a prosecutable offense in another!!! It is also important to know and understand the legality of carrying an automatic knife as the laws vary between open carry and concealed carry and we don’t want anyone getting into trouble with the law!


Invincible Switchblades that You can Trust in All Situations

The “MIRAGE” boasts a sleek and discreet design making it the perfect choice for EDC (Everyday carry). Its 440 stainless steel blade is housed within a sophisticated zinc, alu-alloy handle that is lightweight and resilient. The double blade is a combination of both straight edge and serrated making it perfect for all hard-cut situations. Furthermore, equipped with a window breaker on its tail end makes it the perfect tool for emergency situations.

Blade Length: 3.5”

Handle: Zinc Aluminium Alloy

Blade: Double edge, semi-straight edge, semi serrated 

The Tekto Spry automatic is one of the most exquisite OTFs in the market! This rugged yet stealthy looking blade comes with a highly durable and supported handle keeping it firmly in the palm of your hand. It features a solid double-edge blade forged from rugged 440c stainless steel that combines the hardest strength hardness and wear-resistant material. Along with a hip clip and window break, this fella should always be kept at an arm's length away.

- Blade length:3.34”
- Handle: Aluminium Alloy
- Blade: Double straight edge