Top 3 Survival Knives

The popularity of tactical knives has grown exponentially over the last 5 years. There’s a growing awareness around hunting and survival knives and finally, people are waking up to see the tremendous benefits of having them as an everyday carry.

The market has grown and choices are many. In fact, there are many exceptional knives out there. And even more junk ones that are actually counterproductive.

When it comes to hunting and survival knives, it’s essential to equip yourself with quality knives because, well, it’s about survival!

Below I’ve prepared a short guide that’ll help to arm yourself with knives that’ll meet all your hunting and survival needs!

Large Fixed Blade 
Large Fixed Blade

The fixed blade knife is the ultimate hunting and survival knife, which and ask any outdoors enthusiast, is the best survival knife that is available to us hunters out there. There’s not a lot you cannot do with a fixed blade. Actually, you can’t do without one if you’re going into the wilderness.

They are perfect for fashioning traps, spears, shelters and perhaps most importantly, kindling. The best survival knives must be rugged, sturdy and must be able to stay sharp. Be sure to sharpen it before embarking on your adventure!

Perhaps the oldest tool known to modern men, the fixed blade knife is still one of the most important things anyone can have in an extreme survival situation. 

However, for these kinds of things, you still need to have the best survival knife you can get your hands on. The Korudo (discontinued) fixed blade is a great hunting and survival knife and a solid choice for both beginners and the more experienced.

Back-up Fixed Blade
Back-up Fixed Blade

You can never be too prepared for any trip, especially not for a camping expedition. A back up fixed blade is almost as important as your main blade. The Tsume fixed blade is ideal for this. Its circular blade is perfect for the more intricate tasks you may be confronted with like stripping layers off layers to tie your improvised shelter together or cutting plants easily and cleaning, avoiding any potential mishaps.

Folding knife for Self Defense
Folding knife for Self Defense 

A real must for any and all going out into the unknown. Incredibly useful in tight spots, they are compact and can be kept almost anywhere on your person without posing any danger. They can be carried as a back-up as well as for primary tasks.

Make sure it’s looked after and in perfect working order, you can ill afford to have it fail on you out there in the jungle. Here’s a few tips to keep your knives up to scratch.

There are many other survival uses for these essential pieces of equipment. One we wouldn’t think of perhaps, among many, and it could be vital, is in the car. It is highly recommended in case of the tragic event of a car accident for cutting seatbelts and/or puncturing the airbag.

We don’t often consider the importance of a little research or an extra buck but our survival shouldn’t be second to anything!