Sharpening Your Pocket Knife

There is a lot of confusion about blades going dull. Some even feel wrongly done when their prized knives start to go dull. Here’s the fact, all knives including the best-selling knives will lose their edge at one point or another. A quality pocket knife will stay sharp a lot longer than cheap knock-offs but ultimately will still lose its bite.

This is not as heartbreaking as many may feel. Knives losing sharpness is a natural process like life and death. But the good news is, you can bring a quality pocket knife back to life with a quality sharpener.


Man. Steel. Stone

Knife sharpening is a skill that anyone can master with a bit of practice. And like learning any other skill, it trains your brain to be smarter. But that’s not all. Some of the best pocket knife sharpeners are simple tools like Whetstone. Using a whetstone to sharpen your knife allows you to form a bond with your steel. You’ll feel that your own rhythm has begun to sync with the motion of the blade.


Knife sharpening is an art. To be able to sharpen your knife, especially at the beginning, you will have to understand the knife’s anatomy, its type, mechanism, blade, weight and size.

Once you’ve understood the different parts of your knife, you can then start to master the use of a whetstone to sharpen your blade. First you need to test sharpness of you knife. The Tekto team has created a video demonstrating how to resharpen your blade and keep it cutting. This video shows how to sharpen your blade using a Work Sharp Benchstone Knife Sharpener. There are hundreds of tutorials online too where you can see how to best use a whetstone to hone your steel. 


How to choose the best pocket knife sharpeners for beginners?

Finding the best knife sharpener can be tricky for beginners. You need to do a fair amount of digging and engaging in forums. But as always, we’ve done the job for you. I’ll show you how you can get the best knife sharpener that’ll keep your blades razor sharp and save you both time and money.

  1. Sharpening stones - This is the most basic and my number one choice for sharpening blades. It costs little to buy and can keep your edges sharp as new for months. Get a 2-sided whetstone with a non-slip base. One side will be more abrasive than the other and can bring the dullest blade back to life. While the finer side is for regular sharpening. In the U.S., oil stones are the most popular sharpening stones. It takes a little practice. However, once you get the hang of it, you’ll never need to deal with another blunt knife.
  1. Sharpening device -  This is a tool as opposed to stone. You do not need special skills or  lengthy training and can recondition any quality pocket knife with ease. All you have to do is run your blade through the Tungsten Carbide V rod section for a few minutes and your beloved quality pocket knife will be good as new again.


That’s it. Now you know how to restore the bite back to your treasured knife. I would still suggest you try whetstone just because it still is the best thing for knives. But go ahead and try some tools too. Who knows, maybe you’ll find something we missed. Let us know.