The Best Self-Defense Knives You Can Buy

There’s an old adage that goes, “Do not bring your knife to a gunfight”. While there might be some truth to it, it’s also true that a marine trusts his knife more than anything for his life. And thankfully, most fights and survival struggles do not call for a gun. Hence, having a knife on you will give you a massive edge. More than being one of the best self-defense tools in its own rights, a knife gives you a significant psychological advantage. Ask a psychologist and he’ll tell you that more people are scared of knives than guns. The majority of street-crime victims get robbed at knife points than gun points. Now, turn the table around. Imagine you’re the one carrying a menacing-looking knife. Half the battle is won in the mind. Rattle your enemy before the battle has begun.

Important to note: Avoid a knife fight by all means. The number one tactical plan is to run. Ask any marine or army veteran. Train yourself to drop your ego and take a flight. This is your number one way to escape unscathed.

So what are the best self-defense knives?

To be brutally honest, there’s no single knife that can be labeled as the best self-defense knife. The number one reason for this is the law. You need to know which knives you can carry and which ones will land you in trouble with the law. Each state in the United States has its own knife laws. Some allow you to carry almost everything except swords. Others prohibit the carry of almost all knives except butter knives and board pins.

But let’s say if we could carry any knife we wanted without legal restrictions, these knives should be at the top of your wishlist.


Tekto - Tsume $74.99 

This is a nifty little fixed blade combat weapon and also a hunting knife. The blade originated hundreds of years ago in South East Asia. I like to call it the Dragon Claw as its curved claw-like blade can rip open the toughest surfaces. The smallish size of the blade makes it legal to carry in most states. It’s also an excellent daily driver for many survival enthusiasts and a top EDC. This is the only recommended knife for knife fight Pencak Silat. Tekto makes a tremendous urban version of this exotic knife called Tsume that you can check out here.


Gerber - Infantry $113.00

Love their design or hate them, but the fact is Gerber makes some of the top military combat knives in the market today. The Gerber StrongArm Infantry could easily top the list as a hunting knife, or a camping knife because the fundamentals are designed for military survival. This is a tremendous survival application that comes with a drop point 420C high-carbon stainless steel blade. The blade can skin a buck in no time or slice a metal sheet in half. The reinforced glass nylon handle is equally remarkable with a rubber grip and diamond texture.

These two marine-approved combat knives top the list not just because of their top quality design, and features, but also because of their menacing appearance and price. At the end of the day, it’s no use looking at a top-draw self-defense weapon that’s not affordable. Tekto and Gerber both bring high-quality knives at unbelievable low prices. Both are American knife makers and boast a great reputation for quality.