5 OTF Knives of 2020!

A good knife is like classic rock music, neither ever goes out of fashion!

And like good rock music, each is ever-evolving. Whether it’s good or bad in the music industry, is a debate for another day. But in the world of tactical knives, modern science has had a mind-blowing positive impact on knife evolution.

Every fearless stallion wants to own an OTF (Out the Front) automatic knife whether they are willing to admit it or not. And in today’s urban jungle, there are many good reasons for it. Once I got my first one, I used it for virtually everything. It became essentially indispensable. Now I own an impressive collection from around the world.


Top 5 Double-Action OTFs of 2020 You Can’t Resist

Automatic knives and switchblades are a man’s best friend, mainly because of the ease to carry and rapid deployment. Today, these flick blades are more robust and reliable than ever. There are hundreds of different automatic knives to choose from and each is better than others for different tasks, below are 5 top quality double action OTF knives on the market today!


1. Benchmade – Infidel
This OTF automatic knife is brought by one of the best knife brands - Benchmade. This formidable auto features stunning aesthetics and is definitely one of the grittiest automatic knives in the market. A 3.91" D2 steel blade which is double-sided makes Benchmade Infidel a great knife for all sorts of things. However, It comes with a hefty price tag. MSRP $510.


2. Tekto – Rapid
Here’s a stunning monochromatic black-and-grey first-rate tactical knife. It comes with a tanto-style blade that leaps out from an aviation-grade brushed aluminum handle at lightning speed. The knife boasts a sturdy 3.9” razor-sharp semi-serrated blade housed in an ergonomic non-slip aluminum handle. Makes Tetko’s Rapid OTF a must-have for every doomsday prepper. It also features a glass breaker and a hip clip for easy carry! 


3. Tekto – Amber 
Amber is JUST AWESOME. Perhaps one of the best looking OTF knives out there, it boasts a double-sided 3.8" chrome steel blade housed within a stunning rose-wood handle that features a glass breaker and hip clip.  This is a gorgeous functional EDC that’s both discreet and striking. We were surprised how well the edge held even after relentless torture. This is a perfect for everyday carry in every way.


4. Microtech - Ultratech OTF S/E Automatic Knife Black
A very well-established maker of knives, the Ultratech OTF S/E is a solid automatic knife. A leading contender every year and on most top knife lists. Its only drawback is that it is also on the steep side at $340 at BladeHQ.


5. Tekto – Kordun
This dual-action OTF knife is a masterpiece in craftsmanship. Inside a stunning, solid ergonomic handle is a lethal double-edged chromium steel blade that’s released with a flair. You cannot stop to admire this nifty combat piece. The handle is made from Ebony hardwood with an incredibly comfortable grip making it ideal for everyday carry and use! The jaw-dropping aesthetics of the chrome steel blade can be deceiving. The Kordun knives are not for the faint-hearted, they’re aggressive, durable and offers fast response and reliability. All-round quality makes this OTF knife such great value for money.



It is very easy to spend hours deliberating over which knife to get, especially if you’re a knife fanatic like me! More than anything else, it’s an item you don’t want to pick poorly. Money can dictate quality when purchasing knives like a lot of things in this world.  


So be sure to read all about your future knife which will ensure a happy purchase and knife-y relationship!