Marine-Approved Combat Knives

Nothing gives man a dopamine rush like a combat knife hunt. There's a blood bond between the two - the tool and the maker - their history goes back millions of years. It was a moment of genius when man realized a sharpened stone could give him an unprecedented advantage over his enemies and nature - help him hunt faster, gather food, and make shelter. The invention of a combat tool was a turning point and one that would shape human history and evolve into combat knives.


What Are Combat Knives?

First, let's quickly clear the confusion around the term - “combat knife.” While it’s loosely used by sellers, it’s not accurate or ethical to describe any tactical knife or switchblade knife as a combat knife. These days you can find kitchen knives and pen knives on Amazon that are labeled as 'combat knives'. That's misleading. So, let's clear up all confusions surrounding these bad boys and take a stab at the best, yet little-known ones.

So, what is a combat knife? A combat knife is not any switchblade knife. Historically, it’s been a fighting knife that's designed and engineered for hand-to-hand or close combat fighting. However, trench warfare transformed the role of the modern combat knife. The knife was reimagined to become more versatile for survival purposes - cutting foliage, chopping wood and branches, opening food tins and supply crates, etc. On top of their original role as close-quarter combat weapons, they are now also referred to as 'fighting utility or 'combat-survival' knives.


X Little Known Hi-Performance Combat Knives

Some feel that the humble knife has no place in the age of push-button precision weaponry. Ask any man who's been in the war zone and they'll assure you, the knife is one of the first things to grab when survival is the top priority. Here are the top marine-approved knives.


Gerber StrongArm Infantry

Usual Price Point: $70
Blade Style: Drop-Point
Blade Composition: 420HC
Handle Composition: Injection Molded Polymer
Blade Length: 4.80Inches
Total Length: 9.80 Inches
Total Weight: 7.90 Ounces
Sheath Material: MOLLE Compatible Thermoplastic

No doubt, Gerber makes some top combat knives that are used by the US military. The one that jumps straight on the top of the list is the Gerber StrongArm Infantry knife. Made on U.S. soil, this is a weapon that can quickly cut through enemies in any close combat situation. It's an incredible drop-point combat application that features a full tang blade construction with 420 high-carbon stainless steel. The blade has a ceramic coating that prevents it from rusting and gives added sharpness.

The handle is glass-reinforced nylon with a rubber grip. To secure the grip further, the Gerber designed went a step further and added a diamond texture. At the base of the handle is a hard striking pommel that allows you to break through hard surfaces. Perfect for rescue and survival situations.


Tekto Rapid Corps Knife (Best Marine Switchblade Knife)

Usual Price Point: $169
Blade Style: Tanto Semi Serrated
Blade Composition: 440 C
Blade Hardness: 58 HRC
Blade Length: 3.75 Inches (95mm)
Handle Length: 5.50 Inches
Total Weight: 235 Grams

Even though Tekto leapfrogged ahead of the competition with their range of rugged and stunning tactical EDC knives - it's this switchblade knife that gave them the ultimate authority in the knife world. This is the top preferred combat-survival knife of the Corps. The blade is a razor-sharp tanto semi-serrated that can slice through metal and pull down enemies in a close combat situation. The advanced spring mechanism allows a silk smooth operation and lightning-fast blade release. The 440c steel gives the knife an invincible edge that held in our test even after brutal testing.