Machete Vs. Axe

Two of outdoors’ most rugged and ruthless powerhouses are about to battle it out to see who will come out on top. Though strangers possibly within city limits, these two heavyweights are very often found in the rough terrains, forests, and mountains. Axes are typically used by heavy-hitting lumberjacks tearing up tinder and slicing wood whilst machetes are firm favorites of trailblazers. 

Both tools boast their unique skills and it’s important that you take all crucial factors into consideration when choosing which one to partner up with.

Contrasting Style and Punch

Machetes are longer, extended versions of fixed blade knives with slightly curved blades resembling almost a V-shape. These bad boys average around 10” in length and can be even longer depending on design and craftsmanship. Their ergonomically forged, laser-sharp blade will cut through the densest of vegetation ensuring that nothing stands in your path.

Axes may lack the laser-sharp blades of the machete but don’t let that fool you to think they are a weaker tool. Axes were designed to be powerhouses and they can fit and play in any survival situation. They are the best tool around for slicing up wood because the driving strength of the axe just pierces its intended target making sure to leave a clean cut.


 - Thick and firm handles that grip onto the palm allowing for friction-free use 
 - Blades provide a wider cutting angle that lets you cut more with less effort 
 - Extremely sharp blade lets them cut through even the toughest vegetation
 - They are light and can be easily handled with one hand
 - Can be a great self-defense weapon
 - Highly useful in open spaces

Machete Weakness:

-The large blade and sharpness can cause self-harm if inexperienced or not cautious
-Due to their size machetes are not suitable in smaller spaces
-Most tasks can also be performed with smaller, pocket knives

Axe Strengths:

-Can chop and cut wood with ease and in no time
-Blade heads can feature a hammerhead or dagger head 
-Great tool for bushcraft as its blade is more effective than a knife

Axe Weakness:

-Main purpose is for cutting wood, lacks added versatility
-Much heavier to carry around and maneuver - both hands are usually required due to the bulk of the weight laying in the steel blade
-Not the most practical self-defense weapon 


Both the machete and the axe are pros in their specified environment. Ultimately the machete provides more versatility and multi-tool use than the axe. With this said, it doesn’t naturally mean that the machete is better but maybe a more suitable option providing more all-round versatility and robustness. 

Your purpose will be the best deciding factor when choosing which to buy. If you plan to go hiking, bushcraft, and testing your survival skills then the machete may be your weapon of choice as it will cover a wider range of usage.

If you are heading up to the cabin in the woods then an axe might be your best pal as it will slice and dice the wood that’ll help keep you warm from dusk till dawn.