Best Hunting Knives For The Elk Country

“Have you ever wandered lonely through the wood?
And everything it feels just as it should
You're part of the life there, part of something good
If you've ever wandered lonely through the woods
- The Avett Brothers

If you’ve been hunting in the woods for a living, you know what The Avett Brothers meant. This old country tune sings about that feeling of being lonely when you’re in the woods - especially with a hunt down and the sun setting. You want to skin the game because that’s your dinner. That, or nothing tonight. And skinning a game can be both thrilling and challenging. But it’s a challenge and a lonely, arduous task at dusk with the sun setting, and it’s no picnic with the snow or rain threatening.


Get The Right Tools .. And The Right Knowledge

Having the right tools in your arsenal is essential to survival in the woods. So, when it comes to living in the elk country, things are no different. You need to know your weapons before you master your skills. Your first essential tool is Respect For Nature. I mean this in no mystical way or to insert love of God in the atheists. The fact is, without love and compassion for nature, you haven’t got a chance in the elk country. It gives you the chance to understand the wood, its behavior, and the wildlings. Now we can proceed to man-made tools.

First thing, you’re gonna need 2 knives to pull this job quickly. Sure, a great versatile hunting knife can do it all by itself too. But it’s much easier when you couple it with a skinning knife. And here are the best knives I’ve found combining East and West.

Buck Knives You Should Own

Buck 11 9B
If you want to cut the bull (no pun intended) and get to the chase, this is the hunting knife to get. It’s safe as a vault, eyes closed. It’s a timeless American, an iconic hunting knife that’s popular the world over. It’s built solidly and well balanced, forged to defend and hunt. It’s amazingly comfortable to work with even in the harsh outdoors. The traditional clip point is ideal for big game hunting, gutting, and setting up campfires. This 50-year old classic is a handsome knife with a black leather washer handle and a silver blade forged to last and retain its edge. What was once an American beauty is now an overwhelming hunting essential.


The Buck Skinning Hunting Knife

As the adage goes, a dull knife is a dangerous knife to hold. So, while skinning any wild game, you want your sharpest blades, especially ones designed for the job.


Tekto - Tsume

The Tsume features a double-edge talon blade. The unique design is complimented by a G10 handle and a plastic sheath. Sleek and perfectly-balanced, the Tsume strong enough to handle any task. Tsume cost only $74.99. That’s incredible for the quality of the knife. It’s refreshing to see Tekto has stayed true to its philosophy and keep offering high-quality blades at affordable prices.