Correcting OTF Blade after Safety Mechanism Activation

Why do we include the built-in safety mechanism? 
For improved user safety and protection, our automatic knives at Tekto Knives feature a built-in safety mechanism. This built-in safety mechanism prevents the knife from piercing through any object impeding the blade's full ejection when the trigger is pulled. More importantly, the built-in safety mechanism can prevent the user from sustaining serious injuries in case the blade ejects unexpectedly.

What happens when the built-in safety mechanism kicks in? 
In some instances, when the button is pressed to eject the blade, the knife may react as if it needs to activate the safety mechanism, making the blade feel loose and unable to retract. Fear not, the knife is not broken. Although this does rarely occur, nonetheless, it can happen. Below are tips on how to resolve the issue:

There you have it!
Please use the tips to fix your automatic knife if the blade is loose after ejection. Either of the two methods discussed can help resolve the issue. However, if neither of these two methods work, please contact our customer service. We will respond to you promptly and advise you on what you should do.