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Since we published the article on DIY tools a few weeks ago, we've been inundated with one question every day, sometimes several times a day. "What's the best Tekto Knives knife for DIY?" I mean WOW, we knew this was going to be a useful article for our users who like to spend a lot of time outdoors chasing deers, hiking backcountry trails, and angling trouts. What we didn't realize is how much these people like to get their hands dirty in their tool shed.

My father gave up his noble profession as a physician to become a gardener. And I know people who have given up lucrative careers in investment banking to learn carpentry. There's a different kind of satisfaction when we use our hands to create whether it's landscaping or making a coffee table. It somehow warms the soul to see your handmade creation knowing your sweat is baked into it.


Best DIY Knives From Tekto Knives

We took 17 of our best knives to Josh Hansen - a handyman, carpenter, and amateur plumber. There are a few things around the house that Josh can't fix or restore. So, we asked Josh to play with our fixed, folding, and automatic knives and let us know which ones are the best DIY fit. And here's what he had to say.


MIRAGE: OTF Automatic Knife

Best DIY Knife For Most

"I found the Mirage the best for both amateurs and pros. I could use it for most of the things I do. It's an exceptional tool for anyone interested in building and fixing around the house" said Josh. The Mirage is one of our best-selling automatic knives and a must-have for survival enthusiasts who spend a lot of time in the elk land and dancing with wolves. It's a rugged tank-solid army-grade knife with a razor-sharp D2 blade that can retain its edge after brutal DIY. So, you can cut stubborn bathroom pipes and still enjoy a sharp edge. It's tough, lightweight, and easy to maneuver with one hand. In its price category, this is a no-brainer - a must-have DIY tool.


CARBONADO: Best Pocket Folding Knife For DIY

We gave Josh six folding knives to choose from and he was caught between the CARBONADO and ZED.


The team at Tekto would pick the old workhorse CARBONADO. It's been a top favorite among hunters and anglers since its launch. With a submarine-type construction made of carbon fiber and aluminum alloy, this rapid action folding knife is a top EDC knife and one of our best DIY knives.


SERPENS: Best Fixed Blade

This was obvious and we guessed Josh would pick the Serpens - a fixed blade hunting knife that he says is one of the best fixed blade knives he has ever used for DIY.