Fixed Blade Knives: Every Adventurer's Best Friend

We'll probably never settle the debate about which ones are better: folding knives or fixed blade knives. And while there are solid arguments for both, there's one major factor that determines which variant is better for each individual – the lifestyle.

While folding knives are discreet, convenient and perfect as EDC, since they can be handy in every situation, fixed knives appeal to a different type of people. In other words, they are ideal for adventurers and outdoor lovers who are constantly on the move.

A sturdy fixed knife will be your best friend in nature, whether you love hiking, camping, fishing or hunting, precisely because it's so versatile, reliable and useful in many unpredictable situations that can happen out there in the wild.

First of all, nothing compares to the strength and size of the fixed blade knives. These babies are usually much larger than folding knives and, regardless of their size, incredibly strong and sharp, almost indestructible. With fixed knives, you also won't have to worry about small moving parts that can break or get detached.

Due to their design, you will also be able to clean and maintain you fixed knife much easier than a folding knife, which practically means you can keep it as good as new for years, if you take proper care.

Finally, a fixed knife will be your greatest ally on any adventure and not only for emergencies. Fixed blade knives are fantastic multipurpose tools, which is why they're sometimes also called survival tools. From the basics such as cutting, hammering, digging, prying and food preparation, to even some advanced things like acting as a hunting weapon and a first-aid tool.

Perfect Knife For Your Next Adventure

Having our adventurers in mind, we at Tekto have assembled a small but powerful collection of fixed blade knives apt for any task.

Korudo (discontinued)

Korudo is one of the classics that never fails. This knife features a black ABS and fiberglass handle and a silver stainless steel blade. A combination of simple traditional style, durable materials and signature Tekto strength, Korudo is a great idea for hands-on adventurers who want to get things done and have a great story to tell later.


This unusual knife is like nothing you've seen before. Fans of unique design will love everything about Tsume, one of our favorites in the whole shop. Although Tsume looks like it was made for the knife collectors, don't let its design fool you. This rare, all-steel beauty is more than practical. But we must admit it will also look pretty cool in the camping trip photos.


Every single knife in our store is custom-made and carefully crafted to perfection, and Tekina is not an exception. We wanted to combine the power of a machete and a precision of a knife and that's how this exceptional blade was born. Tekina will be your faithful companion on every camping, hunting or fishing trip.

We love adventures precisely because they're wild, exciting and unpredictable. But once you have your fixed blade knife, you'll be prepared for any situation. So, which one is it going to be? Visit our store and find your ideal adventure companion.