Don't Have A Fishing Knife? Read This!

Whether you're all excited about reeling in your first catch, or you're a seasoned angler with years of deep-sea fishing experience, there's one thing you're absolutely going to need - a good fishing knife. This is a bare essential tool for the job. A good fishing knife is one that will be your trusted company while you're out on the water. No self-respecting fisherman will step on his trawler without a good-quality fishing knife. Many anglers carry a quiver of knives - of all shapes and sizes. You will need an all-purpose knife - one you'll be carrying on your person. Plus, it's best to accompany your main driver with other specialized knives, like a filleting knife.

Why Do You Even Need A Knife When Fishing?

There is more than a rod and a reel to fishing. Fishing is a lot more than a casting and catching. The road to a good day of fishing includes many tasks that are made easier when when done with a good knife. Here's why you want to get the best fishing knife.

Cutting line - Fishing lines are strong and designed to be unbreakable. This means they won't easily snap. So, when you need to cut your fishing line to remove excess or release a stuck line, you'll need a razor-sharp cutter. Don't try and do this with a dull blade. Use a proper fishing knife that can cut it clean in a snap.

Cutting vegetation - River catch can mean fishing on foot. This is fishing's biggest thrill for many. When you want to dissect and explore the stream on your two feet, you'll be walking the banks of the river. A knife will help hack through the overgrowth and undergrowth when you want to discover the hidden pockets and catch that toad bronzeback.

Gutting and filleting

After the catch, you're going to need to clean and remove the guts, and then fillet your fish. To do this well, you need specialized knives. An all-purpose knife may be able to clean but don't expect clean filleting. To remove a nice clean fillet, you'll need a sharp filleting knife.

Cooking, Camping, Fire ....

Anglers are outdoor lovers. Many a times you'll find them camping outdoors for the complete experience of living off the land and water. A razor-sharp, rugged folding knife is synonymous with camping. Some prefer to carry a switchblade for easy one-handed deployment. A good fishing knife will be your number one tool to set up your campsite, shave tinder, start a fire, cook your catch, and a lot more.

What Should You Look For In a Hunting Knife?

Every angler has his or her own unique needs and preferences. However, there are base guidelines to follow. Fishing knives need to be good quality. You cannot rely on a flimsy knife you bought on Amazon. Also, the blades should be rust-resistant as they'll need to fight moisture and dampness. It should be a fixed blade knife or a well-built folding knife. Ideally, your main driver should not be an automatic knife or switchblade (with moving parts), as they can jam, malfunction, or break under heavy use.