First Look. Tekto’s New Tactical Knife - The Humvee

America's iconic military workhorse, the Gulf War legend, and rescue operation hero is back. This time it's not a vehicle. It's a Humvee-borne combat knife, one like no other yet - designed, and forged by Tekto Knives. This knife has everything that can turn it into America's most cherished iconic knife. Meet The Humvee.

At Tekto Knives we have a knack for going one-up on top knife makers consistently, and we’ve done it twice this year. First, the team released the ultra-sleek urban EDC - F1 Alpha, which quickly became our number one tactical flagship knife. Now, we’ve raised the bar again. Tekto just pulled the curtain on a combat knife we’ve been discreetly working on with none other than .. Humvee. Now, it's here, the Humvee. For the first time, knife enthusiasts get the chance to try a knife born out of the Humvee DNA.


Humvee - Combat OTF

This is no ordinary knife. This knife has Humvee's breath and fire integrated into it. The razor-sharp blade is a double-edged dagger with serrations. The titanium-coated D2 blade packs unseen power and a menacing yet stunning edge.


This is a highly-rated tactical combat knife that is designed to accompany you in the toughest and most challenging situations. It looks tough because it is. The knife is designed and forged to reflect everything the veteran military workhorse has stood for - strength, speed, resilience, and reliability.

Humvee - Inspiration

Being asked to share the inspiration behind the new design, Stephen said, “Since we were collaborating with Humvee on this knife, the Humvee DNA needed to be front and center, while also providing critical features to make a successful OTF (Out-The-Front) knife. I was really inspired by military guns and just the overall tactical, rugged, and overbuilt aesthetics on the Humvee vehices. I really wanted it to have an aggressive presence that wouldn’t go unnoticed. Comfort also played a major role and making sure the knife comfortably locked into the hand in multiple positions was a must. The added functionality of the serrations is a benefit when needing to get through tougher tasks.”