Fiercest Out the Front (OTFs) Knives

The galaxy of knives is expansive and complicated for the uninitiated.

Out the Front (OTF) Knives are increasing in popularity due to the size and not needing to touch the blade to retract it back into the handle. Now, OTF automatic knives may not always be as sturdy as their fixed blade or switchblade counterparts, however, they do serve their purpose with lightning speed (the top ones).

There are an awful lot of knives out there to choose from, automatic knives are only but a few.

When looking to purchase OTF knives, you’ll come across an important specification:
-Single Action
-Dual Action

So, what’s the difference?

Single action powers the blade upon deployment but requires the user to manually return the blade to the body and dual-action powers the blade in both directions.
Dual-action is generally a better option, but some single-action automatic knives are still great!

3 Top-Rated Semi-Military Automatic Knives for ultimate Survival Success and Impact

Amber – Not just a color!AmberAn ideal OTF knife for everyday carry.

It is a stunningly attractive knife with a wooden handle, boasting a 3.6" blade that is released from the side of the knife. It also features a hip clip and a glass breaker for those that get themselves into more daring situations!

Rapid – Speed and reliability!
Another automatic OTF with a blade released from the side of the knife. Also an EDC, its blade is longer at 3.9” and is semi-serrated which jumps out a blinding speed owing to its latest spring technology.

Great for camping, the serrated blade is a sturdy companion that will be sure to come in handy when cutting branches for kindling.

Spry – Double-sided Awesomeness!
This little beauty is perfection, a great looking sliding knife with the latest spring technology and a double-sided blade makes it that much more useful in certain situations.

A slightly shorter blade than the aforementioned automatic knives. 3.34” to be precise. This knife also comes with a hip clip and glass breaker, making sure that it is by your side in every situation.

These OTF automatic knives are perfect for either an enthusiast or those of us who love camping, fishing, hunting or even just pottering around the garden and in need of a solid, reliable, easy to carry and in turn easily accessible knife. Something we should all own!

Automatic knives range in price from $15 into the thousands of dollars.
Money is an object for most of us and you don’t need to fork out ill-affordable amounts of cash for a decent reliable knife though opting for too cheap a knife may result in a poor experience and/or compromise your safety.

Respect the Knife Laws
Knife laws vary between each country so be sure to inform yourself of your destination's knife rules and regulations if you plan on traveling with them.

In the US, each state has different knife laws and then there are municipalities within each state that often make separate laws too.