Damascus Steel Best OTF Knife

We at Tekto Knives always get super excited when a new addition arrives in our store. But we haven't felt this excited in a while because the next knife in our collection is a rare combination of beauty and power that you don't often see together.

This phenomenal OTF knife features a strong zinc-aluminum alloy handle and an incredible Damascus steel blade that makes it a unique addition to our collection. Just like our other knives you already know and love, Damascus Steel Knife features a button that allows you to easily manipulate the blade.


The Mystery Of Powerful Damascus Steel

What makes this knife completely different from our other daggers is its exquisite Damascus steel blade that gives it unparalleled strength and an extraordinary design. So, what is Damascus steel and why is it so special? 

Damascus steel is a type of steel that was used in the Near East and Eastern Europe from 3rd to 18th century to create sword blades which were known for their toughness, resistance and dangerous sharpness.

Some of the most famous legends said that the original Damascus steel blades were so powerful and sharp that they could cut through a rifle barrel or cut a hair falling on the blade.

Aside from being incredibly resilient and powerful, Damascus steel is also famous for its complex structure which creates an interesting pattern on the surface and gives each blade a unique and elegant look.

How these beautiful blades were created remains a mystery known only to the Damascene bladesmiths who took the secret to the grave. Smiths around the world have made attempts to recreate the technique ever since.

Skilled bladesmiths who crafted the Damascus Steel OTF Knife managed to come very close and reproduce the impressive combination of strength and flexibility topped with a signature Damascus pattern.


When Traditional Meets New

Damascus Steel OTF Knife nurtures the iconic centuries-old design but also incorporates modern features we're all used to, creating a perfect combo of traditional and new.

  • Sliding button – The dagger features a sliding button on the handle that you just need to push forward to deploy the blade out and push it down to tuck the blade back in a split second.
  • Back clip – Damascus OTF Knife also features a handy back clip that lets you safely keep it in your pocket or on your belt. Easy to carry and conceal, easy to pull out of your pocket and easy to handle.

  • Glass crash needle – The bottom of the handle features a glass crash needle that comes in handy in an emergency.
  • Light to carry – Standing at 0.57lbs, Damascus Steel OTF Knife is one of our lighter daggers. The combination of materials used makes it solid but easy to carry.

  • Anti-sliding handle – Made from aluminum-zinc alloy, the shank is designed for safe and easy handling without the risk of sliding.

  • Made to last – Thanks to the powerful materials used to craft this dagger, one of which being the fabled Damascus steel, this knife is extremely durable and made to last for years.

    One thing is for certain, Damascus Steel OTF Knife is unlike any other knife in Tekto collection. So, are you ready to experience the unique and powerful design that guards a centuries-old secret?