Must-Have Camping Essentials

Away from the convenience of hotels and apartments, something quite magical happens when you're camping and especially camping in the wild.

There's no internet, no electricity but just the flicker of the lantern flame and the earth beneath you. Sounds of the cricket cut through the silence in perfect harmony and the rustle of the leaves blown by wind accompany it.

True, there's nothing quite like camping out in the nature. But there's a problem. It doesn't matter how much we want to connect to nature, we still cannot completely disconnect ourselves from certain comforts of modern life.

For example, we don't really want to start rubbing twigs to light a fire when there's a lighter in the rucksack. And that's perfectly normal. There are those essential tools that can make the outdoor nomadic experience even more fun and adventurous.

So here, we'll take a look at some of those bare bone essentials that go hand-in-hand with camping.

 Campsite Essentials

1. Tent, poles, stakes – These are absolute basics for camping today and ideally, you should get one that's light, easy to carry and tough. Bigger tents require larger campsite and often consume too much time when putting them up or breaking them down. Consider getting a rugged, reliably waterproof tent that can be fixed fast to the ground that can withstand rough conditions.

2. Sleeping bags – A sleeping bag will be your trusted companion wherever you go camping. Since you'll be using it to get much-needed rest, you should try pick a bag with the perfect balance between warmth, weight, comfort and functionality.

3. Knives – I cannot stress enough the importance of carrying a good portable knife when camping. The kind of knife you should be carrying depends on the destination. A folding knife like Foxtrot with a strong sharp stainless-steel blade and integrated tools plus flashlight should be more than enough for most rugged destinations.

        But if you're thinking of camping wild in the backcountry or the woods, you should consider a fixed blade like the Tekina. This can work both as a knife and as a mini axe. Even though it may sound counterintuitive, these fixed blades are actually safer because they are steady as a rock and won't fold back on you.

        4. Flashlights – This is indispensable whether you're camping, hunting or even backpacking. A good all-purpose flashlight should allow between 140 and 800 lumens with a zoomable beam that'll let you see objects up to two football fields away.
          5. Stove – This one is under-rated. Usually campers are happy with a lightweight canister stove which seems to do the job. But if you want to cook a game, then get something like a classic double burner. You can literally use it to cook anything.

            Don’t forget to carry fuel for your stove.

            6. Frying pan – Get a deep one that you can use for everything. It should be good for frying, baking, searing and boiling. Consider getting an aluminum frying pan as it's light and will be resistant to scratching and chipping.
              7. Lighter – In any survival situation, you should be able to make fire. You should get a proper camping lighter with a more durable body and stronger flame so that they can withstand the elements and strong wind.

                There you have it, the must-have essentials you should have on every camping trip. With these 7 items, you won't have to worry about anything while you're out in the wild, enjoying the nature.