Butterfly Knives For Beginners

When have we ever believed that switchblades are the king of controversies? In the world of knives, there's another type of knife that is more controversial than Will Smith’s Oscar night slap - butterfly knives. Some states like Oregon have outright banned them. While other knife-friendly states like Minnesota allow you to own and even conceal carry them, legally. Once you go past the laws, one is faced with the more daunting task of choosing one. There's a lot to pick from. And there's much to avoid. But there's also a ton to learn.

Well Worn Legends: The Origin Of Balisong Knives

Also known as Balisong knives or Balis, butterfly knives are famous for tricks. The history of the knives is both rich and fuzzy. Most cite the Philippines as the birthplace of Balis. Some point to records showing France as the native land for butterfly knives. To be honest, Balisong sounds more Philippine than French, and also well-worn legends tell us the knife was a common tool in the Philippines around 800 A.D. The French had a measurement device with a similar mechanism, but that's not exactly a knife.

Butterfly Knives. A Different Cut.

Balisong knives have grown in popularity over the years because of the tricks they can pull. The handle mechanism allows users to pull off insane 'flipping' tricks. Anyone can master some entry-level tricks with a bit of practice. Others are more complicated flipping and can take years of dedicated training. Whether it's the cool factor or the community, the fact is there's a growing cult behind the increasing popularity of the butterfly knives. Because of this, the butterfly knives have been picked up by characters in TV, movies, and popular video games like Fortnite. An alarmingly growing community of competitive flippers has drawn considerable attention including the watchful eyes of the Law. The mesmerizing speed of deployment, intimidation factor, and bad rep has earned the Balisong a front-row seat in the Federal Switchblade Act.

So, Are Butterfly Knives Legal?

This one's a can of worms. There's no straight answer. Each state has its own knife laws. And then within states, cities may have their unique knife laws. For example, balisong knives are legal in Massachusetts but prohibited in Boston.

Pages after pages of the cryptic legislation point to one thing - most of us in the United States cannot import or export butterfly knives. Balisong knives on sale here are either made in the U.S.A. or assembled here. If you want to own or carry a butterfly knife, get legal advice. Check with your local authority.

Butterfly Knives For Beginners

If you're looking to impress your friends with a flipper, then the best butterfly knives to get are the training balisong knives with blunt blades. These are designed exclusively for training and look just like real ones only duller than a butter knife. There's a myriad of them to choose from. Get any with good reviews. They are not knives, so you don't have to worry about blade quality, just the weight, and balance.

If you're confident about your skills and want to get a real balisong knife, you can find a good selection on BladeHQ.