The Best Budget Switchblades

One of the things I love about switchblades is the wide spectrum of design, quality, and price that is on offer. The market is heaving with automatic knives of all creeds and castes. If you're willing to spend the time looking, you can practically find anything you can imagine. Switchblades' popularity has shot through the sky and there's an ever-growing demand in the U.S.A (even though carrying them is restricted in some states).

The reason behind the rising fame of switchblade knives is that many prefer a deployment method on their carry knife that's fast, positive, and reliable - sure to fire every time. The last thing any army personnel needs on the field is a knife that requires two hands to open, or worse takes forever to fire open. Most outdoor enthusiasts and EDC users simply want a rugged, snappy action to their pocket knives. A quality switchblade or an automatic knife makes a great choice for most users.

Quality switchblade knives can be and often are expensive - they lie outside the budget of most of us. Their price can range anything from five hundred bucks to over a grand. That's what top knife manufacturers would charge for the best switchblade knives. But, that's all history as you're about to find out.

Best Switchblades At A Budget

There was a time quality knife translated to a hefty price tag. That changed when Tekto Knives entered the market in 2017 and offered top-of-the-range tactical knives for prices unheard of. Quickly Tekto was marked as a market disruptor. And that brought about a shift. Reputed knife manufacturers quickly noticed the demand for quality switchblade knives at a reasonable price and took measures. Now, with a bit of research and time spent looking you can find stunning army-grade knives for next to nothing.

Tekto Knives Amber

Tekto's number one selling automatic knife Amber smashed all sales records with its stunning looks, slim profile, razor-sharp double-edged blade, and a rosewood handle that oozes class. All this came at a price unheard of before. This is a truly top-class automatic knife that boasts solid construction and a silky smooth deployment.

Benchmade CLA

For years now this company has led the way and set the standard with top-quality tactical knives. Their CLA compact lite is a versatile and capable switchblade that comes just under a couple of hundred dollars. The knife gives out a classy feel and comes in a few different colors. The steel is a bit old school but will still make the cut for most users. You can choose between a plain edge or partially serrated. This one should surely be on your shortlist if you're looking for the best switchblade knife within a reasonable price range.

Boker Mini Strike

Let's be honest. Most EDC users are looking for a switchblade knife that's compact, stylish, offers quality construction, and carries an under-$100 price tag.

Boker Mini Strike offers the best bang for the buck at under $50. This is a smaller version of the Big Brother Boker Strike line. It's a compact and capable package that comes with a razor-sharp D2 steel blade with an overall length of only 6.3". This will make the cut without breaking the bank. A must-have blade for anyone who wants to carry a quality EDC switchblade knife.