Best Spy Gear You Can Get Today

Remember Lotus Esprit? Or the 'Wrist Dart Gun'? As a teenager, I watched mesmerized as Bond (the smooth Roger Moore) darted in and out of water equipped with lethal missiles in the seventies classic 'The Spy Who Loved Me'. In 'Moonraker' he wears a sleek yet deadly timepiece that fires cyanide-coated darts. But Bond's dart-gun wristwatch and Rolex Submariner did so much more than just unzip the dresses of stunning women. It created a movement. He was the ultimate icon for smooth, sexy, and sassy. Men wanted to look and feel like him, women wanted him in bed.

Not so long ago, ordinary folks like us couldn't dream of getting our hands on espionage gear. But that's changed. Today, we can simply go online and get gears that are beyond the realms of most - concealed, disguised, and powerful.

Tekto Amber Automatic Knife. Quantum Of Solace

We'll begin with the most essential espionage tool. Rumors have it that Tekto’s Amber automatic knife was designed for the agents at MI5. In the past, an automatic knife like this could be found at the MI5 headquarters in London. Now, you can own one and use its razor-sharp double-edged chrome blade to open your FedEx packages. Or better, you can use it as your survival tool when going hunting, fishing, or just family camping. This is one of the best automatic knives that’s just as glamorous as the sports cars at MI5.

Ray-Ban Camera Glasses. License To Shoot.

You've probably seen these in movies many times - field agents in covert missions snapping away pictures with their camera-fitted sunglasses. Now you can own one and take pics and videos without being obvious. People around you won't even know you're filming. These Ray-Ban glasses come fitted with two cameras and a Bluetooth speaker all built inside the frame.

Anti Spy Detector. The Spy Who Loved Me.

Afraid your partner might be snooping on you? Feel like your room might be bugged? Here's an anti-spy gadget that can detect wired as well as wireless devices like SIM card bugs, GPS trackers, eavesdropping devices, etc. It's an awesome counter-spying tool that you can use to scan and check your room or vehicle for bugs. The device comes with a detachable antenna that gives it 1 MHz to 6.5 GHz radio-frequency sensitivity.

A View To Kill. Flying Drone.

Not so uncommon anymore but still must-have spyware is your HiFi camera-fitted drone. Unlike regular ones, spy drones are tiny and can pass for a sparrow. DJI Mavic is the spy recommended drone that's fast and surprisingly easy to maneuver. This is a must-have spy gadget that can take the air and give you a bird's eye view.

GoldenEye. Night Vision Binoculars.

Get ready to snoop in the dark if you're after Natalia - the gorgeous Russian spy. A pair of night vision binoculars can help restore clear vision in the pitch dark. GT Thunder binoculars are designed for hunting but can be well adapted for espionage purposes. These are IP 56 dust and waterproof and offer 984 feet of infrared night vision with a 3 X zoom.