Best OTF Pocket Knives (California Legal)

Since the pandemic outdoor recreation has boomed. A staggering seven million more Americans stepped out to explore the hidden gems of nature. When 'social distancing' restricted our movement, nature pulled us back to our natural habitat. That led to a boom in online shopping for camping gear. And new camping enthusiasts combed the internet to find the best pocket knives for camping. But there was a problem.

The term camping gear in this day and age of the internet is loosely termed. Anything that you use at home seems to be sold as camping gear. So, when you go looking for a friendly pocket knife to take to your weekend camping you're bombarded with everything from kitchen knives, EDC switchblades, axes, machetes to combat weapons, and even hunting knives. When light camping, whether solo or with friends and family - you want a pocket OTF automatic knife that's fast, light, portable, yet rugged, and boasts a tank-solid construction.


What Are OTF Knives And Why Do We Need Them For Camping?

As the name suggests, OTF or Out-Of-The-Front knives are different from folding knives. Here, the blade, when deployed, jumps out of the front. It uses a button/slider along with a spring mechanism that allows the blade to fire open and retract back inside the handle. Because of this action, OTF knives are sometimes called telescopic knives.

What is the benefit of carrying an OTF automatic knife over a folding or fixed blade knife?

Rapid Action. Best For Life Saving Scenarios.
Accidents happen and there are times in life when a split second can make all the difference. OTF knives allow you to fire open the blade in a flash. In fight or flight mode, it can be difficult to open a simple folding knife with nerves all over the place. With an OTF automatic knife, all you do is push the button or slider and release the blade. If your state allows you to legally carry an automatic knife, then by all means we recommend carrying one when going on camping.

Boundless. Best OTF Automatic Knives For Camping.


Tekto Amber Editor's Choice

This stunningly beautiful double-edged sword may seem like a work of art by ancient Greek artisans. In reality, it's an automatic OTF pocket knife that combines old-school aesthetics of wood and steel with modern engineering. The 3.75" powder-coat, chrome-plated double-edged sword is both razor-sharp and breathtaking. The knife also offers nice heft and balance when open or closed. It's hard to find a better OTF knife for camping in the same price category.


Microtech Exocet (California Legal)

California has some of the most stringent knife laws in the country making it almost impossible to carry a decent knife on a person. Microtech has finally managed to jump the barricades and offer a pocket knife just right to tackle both the law and nature. The blade cuts just below 2 inches (1.98") but is a capable cadet and can handle most camping needs. This double action OTF automatic knife does double duty working as a money clip. The size and capability also makes this OTF knife a must-have EDC gear.