3 Best Knife Fighting Styles

Get a good fixed blade knife, and you can hunt, defend, eat, make a shelter, start a fire... you name it. This ancient tool has been man’s best friend and the most reliable tool since the dawn of civilization. In the right hands, the knife is a menacing self-defense weapon in war zones. But what happens when the knife is in the hands of the other person - your attacker? The story changes completely - when both parties are in a face-off with knives. Getting involved in a knife fight here is madness - unless you know some form of knife fight to a certain degree. If you don’t, you’ll end up in a swamp and walk away with some nasty souvenirs. So it’s best to run. The art of knife fight teaches you to overpower your attacker and better defend yourself while being in control.

There are many styles of knife fighting. The ones we’ll mention here are all deadly effective. Like all martial arts, they’re art, rhythm, and disciplined response in motion. Once you become an expert in any style, you can not only defend yourself unscathed but nail your opponent without causing serious injuries. So, let’s take a look at the best form of cold steel combats.

The First Thing To Learn

Your best bet when facing someone with a knife - whether it’s a large fixed blade knife or a switchblade - is to run. And run like Forest Gump unless until you think you’re in a safe zone. This is part of the training. It’s easier to run away than disarm a crazed man with a knife. When you don’t have a choice use your knife fighting skills.

Pencak Silat

Pencak Silat is a native Maly martial art with its origin in Southeast Asia. It requires a claw-shaped karambit blade to engage in the duel. This can be your regular EDC karambit if you already own one. Or, you can buy one here. The fighting style originated approximately 4000 years ago and copied the movement of apes, reptiles, and cats. It’s minimum effort, max output. The use of a small fixed blade knife becomes an advantage as it’s easier to maneuver in close-counter combats.

MCMAP Knife Fighting

This is the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP) knife fighting style. The system is based on brutal hand combat with the mindset of a warrior. The physical training is aimed to toughen you physically and mentally, plus condition you to outlast your opponent in close-quarter fights. This fighting style incorporates the best of jiu-jitsu, boxing, wrestling, Muay Thai, and other native martial art moves. It also embodies the fighter spirit of Spartans and Zulu to develop calm and ruthlessness.

Systema Spetsnaz

This is easily the most recommended, especially for all those who have never trained in any kind of martial arts. This is one of the most complete knife fighting styles and is said to have originated back in the 10th century. The style is based on 4 main pillars.
-Body position
So these are our top three recommendations for cold steel combat. Pick the one that resonates most with you. The Systema Spetsnaz is a great one for most but there’s no best one here. Being trained in any one of these will help you overpower knife-wielding crazed attackers. But first, you need to train hard and consistently. And always remember, run if you can. But it’s best to be prepared.