Best Fishing Knives

There was a time in America when every man who ever hunted or reeled in a fish would know his knife and how to care for it. You would never catch such a man hacking a Christmas turkey awkwardly with a dull knife. Those were the days of the hunting and fishing pioneers. That era when differences were usually settled with a Bowie is long behind us. However, in the last few years, there's been a remarkable surge in the popularity of fishing and knives.

Here, we're going to discuss knives that are designed exclusively for those who fish. In our previous blog, we spoke in great length why it's so important to have the right blade when going fishing. A good fishing knife is indispensable, you should not be out on the water without one. Or you'll be like my fishing buddy Gary who reeled in the biggest trout, but then sat there shoulder slumped, looking blankly at his catch .... He forgot his knife, and had no way to clean it, fillet it, or cook it.

So, without anymore fishing stories, get you the best fishing knives.

Things To Look Out For When Buying Fishing Knives

Blade: You would think it's given but the amount of time people buy a knife because it's called 'cross-water', 'deep sea', 'trawler' .... etc is mind numbing. One of the foremost things to consider is the blade. It needs to be sharp and robust that can handle demanding tasks on land and on water.

Material: Fishing involves a lot of moisture and a ton of dirty tasks. You don't need a knife made from expensive premium metal. What you need is a steel edge that can withstand the torture and abuse of a season's fishing and still retain its edge. You also want the steel to the rust resistant as it'll take a lot of moisture. D2 steel is popular with top knife manufacturers as it offers both the hardness and rust-resistant properties. Also consider 440C steel and stainless steel.

Best Fishing Knives. From Ship To Shore - And Everything In Between

Best Folding Knife

This is the folding knife you'll be using the most for all minor tasks like cutting lines and bait, opening boxes, and all camping jobs. This is your pocket mate that you'll carrying all the time. This needs to be a razor-sharp, rugged cutter that can do some heavy lifting as well.

Tekto Carbonado. Editor's Choice ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 

There are hundreds of good folding knives to pick from. The reason Carbonado has become so popular with anglers is because of its battle tank build and razor sharp edge. The gorgeous 440c steel blade is capable of withstanding battle torture and still holds its edge nicely. The aluminum handle is ergonomic and offers excellent grip in wet, slippery conditions. The folding knife features a glass-breaker that can comes in handy for bludgeoning tasks.

Best Filleting Knife

Kysek Whetblade

We love what Kysek has done to this knife. The latest offering is an all-American 7" fillet knife that uses 'cutting-edge' technology. Instead of using the same old hard edge, Kysek features both a hard and soft side. This is genius because while the soft side starts to wear, the hard side holds its edge. This means the knife sharpens itself as you use.