Meet the Amber and Kordun Knives

Whether in music, art, or style, there is something very appealing about mixing old and new. And this is exactly the approach we used for our two new automatic knives, Amber and Kordun.


While the knives themselves are very contemporary, using topnotch modern materials and production techniques for the blades, the handles offer a vintage vibe thanks to the use of wood rather than plastic. Remember, wood has been used as a handle material since knives were invented. The combination of utilizing an old-school technique like wood with our cutting-edge blades is both beautiful to the eyes and smooth to the touch


The Amber Knife vs. The Kordun Knife

What’s the best type of wood to use for knives? There are many different wood materials that can be used for knife handles, but the trick is to find one that is durable, strong, attractive, and not susceptible to decay. And these are precisely the ones we’ve selected for Tekto’s wood handle knives.


Both the Amber and the Kordun automatic knives feature our signature chrome steel blades but use different types of wood for their handles. The Amber automatic knife uses a reddish colored wood that proudly shows off its wood grain. Stunning to look at and comfortable to hold, it has a classic look that can’t be beaten.


For something sleeker in appearance, get your hands on Tekto’s Kordun automatic knife. This time, the ebony wood handle offers a rich black hue with a discreet geometric oval pattern. A stylish way to use organic and traditional material like wood.


Tekto Chrome Steel Blades

When you buy a blade from Tekto Knives, you are getting some of the best blades in the industry. Why do we have chrome steel blades? When chrome is added to steel during the smelting process, it makes the knife “stainless,” which boots corrosion resistance. It also helps the edge last longer, giving the owner of the blade a high quality and reliable knife for years to come.


Our automatic (OTF) knives are designed to be discreet, but the legalities of OTF knives differ from state to state. Please refer to our article An OTF Knife Laws Guide by Tekto Knives in the blog section of our site. Also, always check with your local laws to see if there are any important changes to be aware of.


Contemporary Design with a Retro Touch

The combo of high-grade steel blades and fine wood handles makes a knife worthy of any collection, especially when crafted by Tekto Knives. Plus, wood handle knives not offers a timeless look right now, it only gets better with age. It’ll take on its own distinct patina over time, ensuring that your wood handle Tekto Knives knife is unique to just you.