3 Knives That Trigger Powerful Nostalgia

“Nostalgia is the heart's way of reminding you of something you once loved .... in a scent or in photographs, but no matter how it comes to you it will always have the same bittersweet taste.” — Ranata Suzuki

It's the feeling that makes the hardest of men sniffle like a little boy, or break into a heart-warming smile. You know when that old song suddenly comes up on the radio and sweeps you back to those sweet younger years? It's truly a bittersweet feeling, but one that enables us to travel back in time and have a glimpse of the old emotions. And science says nostalgia makes "life seem more meaningful and death less frightening".

And it's not just music and scent, old items like a 70s Bowie and a Macintosh can send us into a frenzy of nostalgia. Here we look at some of the best automatic and folding knives that evoke sweet emotions from the past.

Slip Joint Knives. Back To Old School

These knives were hugely popular in the days of John Wayne. Any strong, independent man who lived by a moral code and didn't always conform to the law would carry one. However, these folding knives fell out of fashion as we unanimously agreed that modern designs were better and safer.

Thanks to the strong call of nostalgia, these knives are back. Some brands kept making them despite falling demand. Now, they're on every knife lover's wishlist.

Buck Saunter
This slip joint pocket knife from BUCK is like the gentle whiff of mountain misery for the Boomers. It triggers powerful nostalgia that brings back the images of drinking orange soda in shorts. This retro folder comes with a 2.5-inch drop-point steel blade housed within a beautiful carbon fiber handle. The small pocket knife is a refreshing change and makes a great EDC knife for day-to-day use.

Tekto Knives Mirage (discontinued)

The Mirage is like a splash of cold water in a hot desert. It's fresh, stunning ... and vintage. This switchblade knife is a relatively new cadet but its inclusion is not an accident. The knife transports us back to the days of the Vietnam War. This combat automatic knife is a reminder of how our heroes like Lance Cpl. James H. Stogner killed the enemies and brought our men back to their families.

This old-school automatic knife is a functional EDC switchblade with a razor-sharp 3.5-inch Damascus steel blade that fires open in a blink with a sliding switch.

Opinel Retro Folding Knife

You'll forget all about modern switchblade knives when you see this retro folder. It's just a stunning old wood handle securely housing an even more beautiful blade. It's not an all-purpose EDC knife but it'll open the packages in style. You can smell the olden days like you were living it. Opinel, the knife-maker, goes back to the 1800s and perhaps knows best how to make a vintage knife stand out.

Honorable Mention - Victorinox

Although it's considered more like a multitool rather than a proper knife, it deserves mention here. This multitool is also a nifty pocket knife that can be recognized from miles away. It's definitely one of the most iconic symbols of our times. Like Opinel, Victorinox is one of the rare knife makers that have lasted over 100 years.