3 Budget EDC Knives We Should All Own

Looking at some of the best EDC knives, I feel a little intimidated. Along with the fine engineering, quality steel, and carved rosewood handle, often comes a dear price tag worth a king's ransom (or at least my week's earning). These are some of the best knives money can buy but they come at a price - an amount that most of us are not willing to pay. Despite the amazing design and quality construction, they are hardly ever put to test by survival enthusiasts. They become museum pieces, fine works of art. This has been the leading gripe for many of us over the years.

However, things are changing. Tekto Knives led the shift with a promise to bring quality knives with everything premium except for the price. They started offering some of the best automatic knives in the market for unbelievable low prices. The market responded so positively that Tekto was branded as a 'market disruptor'. But this was just the beginning. Soon, other knife manufacturers followed suit and started offering quality EDC knives, folders, and automatic knives for a price more reasonable. Even top knife manufacturers like Gerber started offering quality EDC knives at more affordable prices.

As a result, we now have some sensational EDC knives that cost the equivalent of pocket change by comparison. So, let's go ahead and take a look at some of the top chosen EDC knives of 2022.

Amber Automatic Knife. Editor's Choice.

I have done my fair share of knife reviews and come across hundreds of knives. But nothing quite as stunning as Tekto's Amber automatic knife. For its price, this is a steal.

The Amber is an exquisite piece that has been in the Top 5 for Best EDC Knife since its inception. The knife sports a handsome rosewood handle that deploys a double-edged chrome blade with a silk-smooth action. This is an excellent knife that blends the retro old-world look with a modern design. The knife is well-balanced with perfect weight and a quality feel to it. The contoured handle provides excellent grip and has a nice heft to it. This is our top choice for the best EDC knife.

Check your local knife laws to see if you're allowed to carry an automatic knife in your state.

Boker Magnum Jewel Pocket Knife

If Amber tops the chart for the best budget EDC knife, then this is a close second. The fact that it's not an automatic knife is a plus for those restricted by law from carrying switchblades. In simplistic form, the knife mimics vintage folders within a modern framework. The Jewel is of shocking value and perhaps our favorite EDC knife in the folding category. It offers a sturdy build and a sharp 440 steel edge that's perfect for EDC tasks and self-defense.

Kershaw Emerson CQC-7

The word 'budget' and designer brand names don't usually sit together. However, this knife offers both. Kershaw is a leading knife manufacturer known for it's quality and innovation. The Emerson CQC-7 is a bold offer from Kershaw and surprisingly costs only $37. This is a basic entry-level folding knife that offers solid performance. It's not a looker but the stainless steel blade is forged to execute heavy-duty cutting tasks seamlessly. It's a top reliable performer for EDC tasks.