What is the World's Smallest Switchblade Knife?

There are hundreds of various switchblades available that come in different shapes and sizes. The average handle length (given that the blades are hidden in the frame) measures around 5.00” inches. That’s a pretty hefty length for one to challenge creating the “smallest” switchblade as it must be capable of also carrying a blade within the frame. With various switch deployments, single action or double action mechanisms and blade length (which usually averages around 3.00” inches) it would truly be a work of art. When fully ejected the average total length for switchblades stands at approximately 9.00” inches.

Unlike the switchblade counterparts, folding pocket knives typically average around 4.00” inches in handle length whilst fixed blades measure even less at just 3.00” inches with the blade. Fixed knives are much simpler to adjust as there is no need for mechanisms or blade space so even a small blade can be tactically designed to produce a powerful output.

After doing some sniffing around, I actually found a number of switchblade knives that come in hot with a blade that measures LESS than 2” inches. THAT IS INSANE. But as previously mentioned, the body stands at 3.5” inches due to the necessity of holstering the blade, providing a space for the switch and deployment mechanisms needed to operate the knife. It is wonderful to know that something as small as a lighter can be useful to carry around along with your EDC (Every Day Carry) gear.


In what we can easily call a curveball year to say the least, it’s unsurprising that the absolutely smallest switchblade be made in the same exact year. This little beauty sits at just 29mm! That is ONLY 1.1” inches when fully deployed and is even LESS than an inch when closed. That’s almost 9 times smaller than the average total length of a standard switchblade.

This work of art was forged by the craftsmen over at 3Knives. The knife has silver bolsters, a picklock mechanism, and a button release for ease of use. The knife uses a single-action mechanism meaning that the blade itself has to be manually pushed back into the frame to close it. 

Whilst a knife this small may seem cute it is important not to confuse its novelty appearance for actual practicality. A knife like this is perfect to keep on a keyring or around for the most basic of needs but for anything that requires strength, resilience and robustness, it is always best to find the toughest knife that will serve its purpose even if it means getting a lengthier one.