A Handful of Multipurpose Knives

What’s better than one knife? One knife that can do more than just one thing! Always on the lookout to bring the very best to the knife collecting community, we are proud to offer a range of Tekto Knives  multipurpose knives for enthusiasts looking for a little more for their money. Check out some of our best selling multipurpose knives and you’ll undoubtedly find one to add to your collection.

Rapid & Swift Multipurpose Knives

The Tekto Knives Rapid is a solid automatic OTF knife crafted using innovative spring technology to fire quickly. The Rapid features a serrated 440 stainless steel blade housed within an aluminum alloy non-slip handle. There’s also the Swift sliding knife with an identical design except for a smooth blade rather than a serrated one.

Not only are there hip clips on the handles of the Rapid and Swift, but glass breaker tools too. And here’s where the multipurpose aspect these knives comes into play. Along with the cutting functionality, the Rapid and the Swift can also break glass should you ever find yourself in a jam. Simply strike the glass with the metal protrusion positioned at the bottom of the handle and it’ll shatter the glass without causing damage to the blade.

With blades that easily discharge or retract with a slide mechanism and weighing a mere 0.7lbs, the Rapid and the Swift are the perfect everyday carry knives.

Amber Multipurpose Knife

Merging classic style with modern technology, the Tekto Knives Amber automatic knife is one of our newest knives in the collection. Boasting a rich reddish colored wood handle that flaunts a wood grain finish, the Amber features a 3.8” chrome steel blade. Plus, on the handle, there’s the useful duo of a hip clip and glass breaker.

The Amber multipurpose knife is perfect for the knife collector who appreciates classic materials like wood, yet wants modern-day practicality.

Foxtrot Multipurpose Knife

Finally, one of the most versatile knives we carry, the Tekto Knives Foxtrot folding tactical knife is a true multipurpose tool. Along with the black anodized stainless steel 3.14" blade that folds away into the handle, there are plenty of other impressive features too.

Tucked into the handle is a mini flashlight should you need some extra light. What’s more, there is also a pair of screwdriver tips for quick fixes on the go, in addition to a glass breaker at the end of the handle. The Foxtrot multipurpose knife is your must-have tool for your next adventure.

Whether you’re looking for a modern, stylish, and multipurpose knife for yourself or for a friend, browse the Tekto Knives collection to find the right blade for your needs.