Best YouTube Channels For Knives

If you’re not using Google to search ‘best hunting knives, then you’re probably using YouTube. It’s the most dominant social media platform with over 2,3 billion users watching 1 billion hours of video every day. The platform has more searches than Ask, Bing, Baidu, Yahoo, Yandex, DDG, all put together. And every day 1.8 million new videos are getting uploaded. Blow your mind!

This is an incredible reservoir of knowledge for anyone including knife lovers. You can now look up a jaw-dropping number of knives without a sweat. For knife reviewers like me, YouTube has become an indispensable resource. But it’s even more important for knife buyers who’re trying to choose a blade that may decide their fate in the woods.

The trouble is, YouTube has become a jungle by itself. To get to the right videos with valuable info, you’ll need a roadmap. Or you’ll be wandering in a maze of subpar videos. Luckily that’s what I’m going to cover in this article. Here I’ll list the top channels and YouTubers who are genuine knife lovers and can help you find the steel that makes the cut.

Tip: Find the best right at the end.

01. Nick Shabazz’s
Nick is no stranger to controversy. Despite mixed reviews from viewers, he’s slingshot to the front of the scene. His videos are mostly about OTF knives and men’s watches but it’s pretty clear his primary focus is the steel blade. You’ll find a variety of knife reviews done expertly (no shaky cameras) and you’re sure to find valuable stuff and things to learn from this guy. Check out his channel right here.
02. Virtuovice
Head off to the far East, the land of iconic Samurai swords - the Katana. This guy is from Japan and he knows a thing or two about the secrets of the steel. His English might not always be perfect but that is an added charm for many. What I like is how he focuses on specific knife types with videos like - ‘Deer Hunting Knives’ (may not be suitable for young viewers).
03. TheApostleP
If you really want to learn about your steel edge go to a knife-smith or a knife sharpener. TheApostleP leverages his knowledge from his days of knife sharpening and throws in interesting insights that others miss. He often explains in detail the cutting performance of the OTF knives and their anatomy. You may also want to check some of his ‘SALE! videos’ if you’re on the hunt for a bargain.

04. The Winner: Walter Sorrells [Must Watch]
Now we’re entering some serious knifesmithing territory. Walter Sorrells takes the crown for the best YouTube channel for knives. He admits he specializes in Japanese blades but he’s made every kind of OTF knife and fixed blade you can think of plus swords, axes, chisels .. you name any. Interested in forging your own hunting knife or a Damascus steel chef’s knife? You got it. Or maybe you just wanna know how to sharpen your knife with a honing rod. He’ll show you that too. Walter covers everything a man needs to know about his steel. This is our top recommended YouTube channel for knives.