Top 5 Fixed Blade Knives in 2020

Fixed blade knives, often referred to as survival knives or tactical knives are the most reliable.

They are sturdy, they stay sharper longer because the blade is thicker and heavier requiring less pressure when cutting whatever it may be. A quick online search for a fixed blade knife will toss-up so many different options that’ll it’ll leave you more puzzled than anything. So let’s clear things up and take an unbiased look at the finest fixed blade knives in the market right now. 

Hopefully, after reading this article, you’ll be able to better spend your money and get a first-rate knife! 

5 Formidable Fixed Blade Knives Not To Be Missed In 2020

1. Microtech Socom Alpha Mini S/E

First up we have the Socom Alpha Mini from the ever-reputable knife maker that is Microtech. This knife has been styled on the popular switchblade. It comes with a G-10 Handle and a full-tang blade with a stonewash finish. Such a finish boasts elegance and will sure to be the envy of your friends. A very good knife all round but (sadly for some of us) it isn’t the most affordable, so this could be one best hinted about before your birthday swings around!

2. Tekina

Tekto’s small gallery of fixed blade knives features some of the best and the most daunting choppers you’ll ever find. The Tekina fixed blade is a full tang blade made from solid D2 steel. An anti-slip grip makes this quality knife ideal for camping, hunting and fishing in wet conditions (especially apt for this rainy season that we’re all seeing). With a 4.5” blade, it is strong enough to deal with the toughest of tasks in the toughest of conditions. This knife also comes with a neat belt clip so it can be kept on hand at all times.

Tekina Knife3. Tsume

The Tsume has been cleverly crafted with an effective claw-design (best suited for hunters and anglers), and yet its price point won’t hurt your pocket. Win-Win! Boasting a 5” D2 steel blade, 0.15” thick, it’s more than strong enough for tackling the hardest of tasks. It also comes with a belt clip sheath for easy carry. This particular knife is ideal for hunters and those who are fond of the outdoors and find themselves hacking stubborn tree branches and making tinder.

Tsume Knife4. Bastinelli B.A.K. Karambit Fixed Blade Knife Black G-10

A similar hawkbill design to the awesome Tsume above, but perhaps not quite as ergonomic or interesting. It features a Bohler N690 3.25” blade, and a G-10 handle which makes it extremely comfortable for everyday carry and use.

5. Korudo (discontinued)

“This hard-cut, rock-solid knife might not offer the stunning aesthetics we expect from Tekto, but it is of the highest caliber.”

An extremely popular fixed blade knife, the Korudo is a perfectly balanced and crafted fighting knife for everyday carry. Comes in an army-grade sheath, this is a must-have tool for camping, hunting, and fieldwork. A 5.4” blade is a great length for versatility with an overall length of 10”, it’s still lightweight for easy carry.

Korudo Knife

Remember: A fixed blade knife can handle hard cuts that no folding knife, and certainly no automatic knife can possibly take on. However, for a fixed blade knife to endure the torture needs to be a sturdy monolith! Hence, take the time to consider which knife is best for you. And don’t forget to consider its shape, steel quality and handle!