Top Machine-Cut Automatic Knives

Brady sat motionless, gazing out through the window, his mind lightyears away from his knife-strewn wooden worktop. A handful of knives lay on the table. "Anyone home?" I asked. He blinked, returned to the present, and broke into a big warm Brady smile. "Sup?" We exchanged the usual pleasantries and I asked him about the knives that were strewn in front of us. "Some of these will put me out of business someday" he laughed loudly. Brady is one of the top knife smiths in the country. Fire and steel are in his blood. He leaned forward and reached for the third knife from the left. "Hand forged or machine milled?" he inquired softly as he looked up. It was a beautiful Damascus folding knife with a stunning wood and gold handle. "Hand forged?" I said. "Wrong" came the reply from the other end. 'All these knives you see are machine-cut. "This is too damn good," he admitted with a tone of surrender. "This is as good as any knife I've ever made".

There was a time when the knife hierarchy was dominated by hand-forged bladed weapons showcasing the finest craftsmanship and attention to detail. That was before. Now the elite circle of knives is ruled by commercially forged knives. These knives are machine-cut using advanced technology, mechanization, and human skills. The attention to detail and quality is mind-blowing. Here we present the best of factory-born automatic knives.


Best Automatic Knives. Born In Aristocracy.

Not all automatic knives are born equal. While most automatic knives do the job, others set the bar for the rest and form the elite circle. Luckily for knife enthusiasts, there are still a handful of knife makers like Gerber, Tekto Knives, Spyderco ... and a few others, who lead the market with constant innovation and upgrades. Here, we'll see the best automatic knives brought by these leading knife makers.

Tekto Knives Amber

Once labeled as a market disruptor, Tekto Knives now ranks as one of the leading knife makers ranked alongside the likes of Gerber and Spyderco. Their unique selling proposition is a mix of stunning design, quality, and fine craftsmanship.

The Amber is a gorgeous beast - the most striking automatic knife we've come across all year. This is a high-quality piece of functional art. An exquisite double-edged chrome plated steel blade is housed within a stunning rosewood handle. This is knife craftsmanship at its best. The knife brings an old-school rustic feel to it and is one of the best automatic knives in its category.

Gerber Auto 06 Automatic Knife S30V

The name Gerber in the knife world is synonymous with quality and reliability. Their Auto 06 Automatic Knife S30V was designed to withstand heavy-duty fieldwork for military personnel. The knife features a razor-sharp drop-point semi-serrated blade housed within a contoured aluminum handle. An oversized release button can be easily used while wearing gloves. The blade is made from premium stainless steel and forged to withstand incredible abuse while still holding its edge.

Spyderco Paramilitary 2

With 40 years of legacy behind, Spyderco continues to offer some of the best switchblades in the market. Much has already been said about this beast and it still remains one of the top automatic knives that money can buy. It's said that if you have enough money to buy just one automatic knife, then you should get a PM2. The razor-sharp blade packs some serious punch with its full flat grind. If you haven't got one yet, it should be your next knife.