The Perfect Gift For Any Husband

Know any woman who knows what to get her husband on his birthday? Chances are thin. Ask the tough guy what he wants, and it’s the same old tape playing - 'Nothing' … 'Just want to see you guys happy'. Yawn, boring. You know he loves a gift. You saw that when he received his first iPod. But what now? What can you get him for a hundred bucks or even less that'll genuinely thrill him? Here’s invaluable help. I'm a man and I know what truly makes us happy. I’ll tell you the secret. He's going to love you for this (like the college days). And here's the best part - the gift won't even cost you an iPod (anyone remembers those?) or an iPhone. Think outside the box.


What Your Man Really Wants

The secret to a man's fulfillment is feeling like a man. He wants to 'feel like a man' - be the 'hero', the savior, the hunter, the breadwinner ... the survivor. We're hardwired to play that image. And so is your kind man. Trust me. So, for this birthday, let's break the mold and get him something that'll refuel the 'man' inside.

There's a DIY guy and a survival enthusiast in every man including your other half. I had never touched a screwdriver when I first received my first Craftsman Metal Chest Toolbox with all the basic tools. It changed everything. I went from a computer nerd to a DIY expert within months. I was 42 and I was like a kid in a toy store.


Tactical Tools - A New World Of Man Gifts

A tactical knife may sound like a lethal weapon at first, but it's not just that. A knife is a man's oldest tool. The first stone knives date back nearly 2 million years. Our primal instinct of hunting and survival is still dominant and nothing thrills us more than our trusted old tool. For a man, a steel tool with a sharp edge is a non-stop endorphin rush. Ever seen a man constantly flicking his switchblade? Just the ‘click’ sound of a knife jumping out is a thrill.


Where to buy the best tactical knives?

If you've never bought a tactical knife before, then one of the best places to start is Tekto Knives. For a reasonable price, you can find high-quality, stunning knives that have become the standard for expert hunters, anglers, and outdoor enthusiasts. These are army-grade knives that offer high-quality steel blades with ergonomic handles and often have added survival features like glass breaker, belt clip, etc.


What's The Best Knife For My Husband?

When shopping for a tactical knife you need to know the basics. Broadly, there are 3 types of knives - switchblade or automatic knife, folding knife, and fixed blade or hunting knife. A good entry-level survival knife would be a quality switchblade - one that he can throw in his sling pack or clip to his belt and go around with his business. A hunting knife may not be a great place to start unless he's contemplating blood-sport.

One of the most loved knives at Tekto Knives is the Amber. It’s an artwork - a stunning switchblade with a double-edged chrome blade and an ergonomic rosewood handle. Some say it's too beautiful to use. Beautiful as it is, it's a rugged knife that will come in handy in any emergency situation. Not to mention it’s a joy to use it to open DHL parcels and slice apples. This will thrill any husband. One trouble is that he may be playing with it more than you'd like. And you'll see him use it when it's not really needed. If he starts cutting meat with it, get him a fixed blade hunting knife next year. Hope this helped. Happy marriage ever after.