Travel With Folding Pocket Knife.

Why should you carry a folding knife when traveling for fun? A folding knife can save lives. Period. That should really say it all. But it doesn't. Because there's more. The vast majority of people are not prepared for survival situations when traveling. Why would they? They're flying thousands of miles to unwind and relax in nature, soak up the sun, walk on the sands, ready to greet a new environment and meet new people. Not to be on their guards for survival situations. And they're right.

But there are a few things missing. A folding knife doesn't get in the way of relaxing when traveling. If anything, it helps you to be in peace knowing that there's a tool that can protect you and your loved ones in countless types of emergency situations. Not just that, having a knife in the backpack can enhance the experience, and add to the fun. Here's how a folding knife in your sling bag can bring more peace of mind and add to the joy while you're away.

Discover More With A Folding Pocket Knife

A good folding pocket knife is a friend for a lifetime, a multipurpose tool that makes day-to-day life easier when we're not home. Got a stubborn package? Pull out your knife. Need to cut a rope? No problem. A knife gives you the freedom to do more. Make your own food. Light up a fire outside your tent, chop up the veggies, and your game. You're good to go.

Even when you're inside a hotel, having a folding pocket knife can allow you to prepare some late-night bite. Use your knife to open the can of corn, cut some bread, slice the bacon, spread some cheese, and voila, your meal is served. A pocket knife is your best can opener outdoors. It's also your toolbox.

First Aid & Emergencies

This is perhaps the biggest reason for carrying a folding knife when traveling. In emergency situations, having a knife is like wearing a badge of honor. From cutting ropes, and untangling to shattering glasses, cutting cloth, and making bandages, you'll be glad you had a cutter. Simply this makes carrying a knife an absolute essential. You can find some of the best folding knives that serve as rescue knives here.

What's the best folding pocket knife for traveling?

If you know where to look, you can find many good pocket knives for traveling. I personally recommend a Carbonado. This is tank-solid performer with razor-sharp blade that was originally designed for marines. This is your best pocket folding knife for under $80.

What Does The Law Say About Traveling With tactical knives?

This is a dog's breakfast here in the U.S.A. The patchwork of state and local knife laws is a burden on travelers. A lot of the time it's impossible to tell if carrying a knife is legal because of the overlapping, complex laws. It's a mess. American Knife And Tool Institute is making massive efforts to protect interstate travelers carrying knives.

Bottom line: If your state allows you to carry a certain type of knife (check on our site), then yes, you can carry one when traveling within the state. Interstate traveling is a different ballgame. There is currently no way to guarantee if you can legally carry a knife because of the patchworks in state and local knife laws. It's best you check with your lawyer before you pack one.