3 Knives Designed for Maximum Strength

Bigger, stronger, sharper, menacing, and dangerous. We’re talking about knives that can pull a full-blown bull down, skin it, gut it, and serve it on a plate in the wild. This is no place for fancy EDC switchblades. Here survival is at stake, you hunt, gather, build and survive the harsh cold conditions amidst rocks and lifeless vegetation. Your only hope for dinner is that bull elk and all you have is a hunting knife. This is a show about fixed blade knives and they’re going to come in all shapes and sizes. So, hold your fort as we charge forth with the most dangerous knives designed to inflict maximum damage. Knives that can potentially cause so much damage can also protect - protect us from wild animals as well as enemies who threaten our God-given rights. Hence, these fixed blade knives are not just a favorite of the extreme survivalists but also the marine and the army.


Rambo - First Blood                                        

There’s no knife more beautiful and deadly as the iconic First Blood Rambo knife. The original knife was designed by the famous knife maker John Lile - a sheathed fixed blade knife with a deadly sharp edge on one side and a menacing saw on the other side. The knife was so inspiring that it started its own life outside the story and still lives on today. If you want to get your hands on one that’s forged by John Lile - the original designer, it’ll set you back a couple of grand ($1,995 - $2,495) but it’s a piece of art to sit back and admire. And when you draw the blade, it wants to hunt - whether it's a deer or enemy.


Tekto - Tekina 

We’re going from iconic American Bowie to legendary Japanese Katana. There are more myths, legends, and real-life tales around this blade than any other we know of. Tekto brings this enigmatic knife to the west that resembles the smaller sibling of the historic Katana. This is no hunting toy. A razor-sharp edge with an archetypal flat head can slice through flesh and bones without effort. The Tekina is humble in design like the Samurai monks but menacing when it's drawn out. Whether going out on bloodsport or taking on enemies, this is the one to carry, at all times. And Tekto has again stayed true to their philosophy and kept the price unbelievably low. You can get one now for just $65. That’s gold.


Tekto - Tsume

The last on this list stands apart from all its competitors. It’s a fixed blade knife with a unique claw shape - petit in standing but deadly effective. The knife originates from Indonesia but has gained wide popularity in the west due to its lethal design. The claw shape also makes it ideal for fishing and hunting. Very few knives offer the promise of effecting such serious damage as the Karambit. The curved blade gives the blade phenomenal slashing power. It’s a knife for silent killing. The blade can pierce and cut the strongest material with ease. It’s the Wolverine claw you need on a hunt.