4 Knives That Are Too Beautiful To Use

Not every day do you hear the words ‘knife’ and ‘beautiful’ appear together in the same sentence. Words in harmony with tactical knives are usually rugged, lethal, sharp, robust, deadly, etc. So, one wonders why whey he sees a feminine adjective like ‘beautiful’ sitting alongside a deadly weapon. Margaret Wolfe Hungerford once famously quoted “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” and how rightly. You see beauty in anything you love and are passionate about. It could be in a piece of prose or poetry, artwork, a building, a game of football, or it could be a deadly combat weapon - an automatic knife or a bowie. For the genuine knife lover, the beauty of a knife is in craftsmanship. But for other enthusiasts, a knife’s beauty is in its appearance. There’s no wrong way to look at beauty. Here we’ll take a look at the most stunningly gorgeous knives that are almost too ‘beautiful’ to use.


Folding And Automatic Knife: Beauty Is Power

While we found some gorgeous hunting knives, here, we’ll take a look at the most stunning and striking automatic knives and folders. Because not every day you get the chance to go out with a full-blown bowie housed in your sheath. So, we’ll take a look at some of the best EDC knives that are not just aesthetically pleasing but also offers craftsmanship that helps discover new horizons.



Nothing beats the beauty of this awe-inspiring artwork. Someone once said that the curve, geometry, and shape of the knife inspire poetry. Not sure about verses but this is one seductively charming knife with a handcrafted rosewood handle and double-edged chrome blade that can clean-cut a sheet of metal in two. Mesmerizing in appearance and deadly in function. A must-have in every knife lover’s gallery. Unbelievably it’s priced at a modest $199. For some reason, the manufacturer has not increased the price despite massive demand.


Chris Reeve Sebenca 21 Bog Oak Knife

This is one handsome knife that oozes elegance and simplicity in a sleek appearance. It’s crafted from stabilized wood, and the blade is profiled to sit snugly inside its handle pocket. The knife inexplicably offers a fine blend of utilitarian functions with clean lines and an impeccable hand-polished finish. You could stare at this marvel on ends without touching it. At $550, it might fit the office more than the backcountry woods.


William Henry Monarch Night Blossoms Knife.

If you do live in a kingly estate and shelling $9,500 on a knife is not a problem, then marvel at this artwork. This is a collectors edition of five knives. The piece is a stunningly beautiful hand-forged knife framed of River Rock Damascus by Chad Nichols. A masterpiece handle is inlaid with green jade and additional spinel gemstones that ornate the exquisite work of art. “The 'Night Blossoms' is a stunning piece; a rich and unique synthesis of the elegance, function, and superlative artistry”


Mcusta Yoroi Knife With San Mai Blade

Here is a refreshing entry, from Japan, a country famous for the finest swords ever forged - the Katana. The Mcusta Yoroi Knife sets the bar. It steps out of the popular higonokami style and incorporates American design principles, delivering a razor-sharp Japanese San Mai blade. The result is a mesmerizingly beautiful Damascus folder that’s seductive to the look and deadly to the touch. A delicate weave patterned handle makes this a piece of art.