Hunting Knife: Always Check These When Buying

While folders and switchblades are top EDC tools that can save lives, this is the beast that can haul down a bull and place it for dinner when push comes to shove. You know I'm talking about a hunting knife - the 'Rambo knife', that invisible battle tank blade that can take on any task in the wilderness. It's that knife you can rely on for your everyday survival - for your food, shelter, and self-defense. And so far, there's only one knife-type that can take on such heavy-duty tasks. It's the full tang fixed blade knife. And the best one to get if you can shell a couple of hundred thousand bucks is the 80s John Rambo knife - designed and forged by Jimmy Lile. Unfortunately, not all can get their hands on a nuclear force like that. So, let's see what makes a great hunting knife in today's market. There’s a lot to choose from.


Understanding Your Hunting Knife

When trying to get the best hunting knife for yourself, understand the place and purpose it’ll serve. Bloodsports do not always boil down to hunting elks and deers. You can find a myriad of different hunting knives to choose from. The best hunting knife really depends on your mission.


Camp Knives

Against what most think, camp knives are the most common knives for hunting small games, camping, and outdoor adventure. You want to go to a national park with your family, this is the knife you should throw in your backpack. These should ideally be multipurpose knives that can gut a chicken, slice timbers, cut chords, open tuna tins … and chop vegetables for your family.


Bowie Knives

The greatest advantage of this classic hunting knife is the sharp edge on both sides of the pointed tip. It’s a big beefy fixed knife that’s nothing short of menacing. That’s a classic Bowie knife. It’s been a top favorite among hunters for as long as Bowie’s been around. And that’s because it comes with the raw power and edge to cut and kill. A good Bowie will let you clear your way through the jungle and kill your dinner. The blade is designed to kill, gut, dress, slice, hack, and do all the jobs you can possibly think of. It’s so effective that the U.S. military adopted it as a combat weapon.


Buck Knives

These are true to the flag star-spangled portable hunting knives. These menacing bad boys are smaller than the Bowie and can fit in a pocket. Unlike most hunting knives, this is a folding knife that can be easily carried and concealed. This is a great pick when camping outdoors as it’ll do most of the job from cracking into the tuna tin to setting up a campfire. However, when you move in for a bigger kill or more intense survival situation, this will not cut. Still, it can be a great second knife to do small tasks.


What To Look For In A Great Hunting Knife

Serious hunters know their steel and will look into every detail when choosing a knife on which their survival depends. A great hunting knife is an investment. It should be your survival ally for years if not for life. Filter out all low-quality ones before anything else. (Tip: Low price is a good indicator of cheap quality). You can find some top hunting knives for a reasonable price. Here are the things to look out for when choosing a hunting knife whether a Bowie or a Buck.


Build Quality

  • Steel: Pick Carbon Steel (best for hunting knives) or Stainless Steel
  • Sharpness
  • Blade Thickness
  • Design
  • Portability
  • Additional features (saw, glass-breaker, magnesium fire starter, seat-belt cutter)