The Ultimate Hunting Checklist

It's in our blood. We're born hunters. The primal instinct to dance with the wolves, intrude wild habitats, and make a kill to earn his food still breathes fire to a man's soul. He imagines himself as a prowler, invading a deer's territory, and it doesn't bother him. Why would it? It doesn't bother a coyote to be a coyote. Men have risen once again .. from the ashes of convenience shopping and picked their bows to win his food.

For those who have seasoned themselves with the smell of the wilderness and fresh kills, they know every day, every hunt is a chance to learn more. "You could hunt for a lifetime and never know all there is to know'' says Ryan, a wolf hunter who bowhunts elks in the tangled pine forests of Idaho's high country. "They'll always keep you second-guessing even when you think you've figured it all out".

Planning is key when you're up against animals in their natural environment. Prepare if you're new to hunting. Prepare even more when you think you know your hunt. Here is a checklist of essentials that seasoned hunters suggest you gear yourself with before you chance with the wolves.

Essential Gears To Pack When Hunting

​​Hunting Knife: Choose your weapon before you call for war. Man's oldest weapon, tool, and ally is his knife. You cannot do without one when hunting. There are 2 types of knives to consider when going for the kill - a folding knife and a fixed knife. These will be your main drivers. Fixed-blade knives offer the ultimate muscles and edge. They are the most rugged knives and can take on almost all jobs from cleaning, gutting to slicing tinder, and hacking your way through bushes. 

For general purposes, a solid lockback folding knife is plenty. It'll come in handy for dressing and skinning small game, plus all your light hunting chores. Don't skimp on quality and invest in a solid folder that's rugged built and will hold its edge even after multiple trips. I suggest something like the Carbonado ($79.99) - a razor-sharp heavy-duty demolition multi-tool popular with seasoned hunters like Ryan.

Hunting Day Pack: A rugged hunting day pack will help you organize your deer hunting trip. A softened camo-colored fabric helps the perfect ambush. Dedicated chambers also help access gears quickly when you need them in an instant.

Binocular: Your eyes are your best tool for hunting, but human senses are no match against their hunts. Amplify your vision with a pair of good binocs, so you spot them before they spot you.

Rifle Scope: Hunting even with all the right gear is hard enough. The scope makes it easier to identify and aim your target from a distance. It's vital to hunting as it magnifies your view and increases your shooting accuracy. Make sure your rifle scope is weatherproof and sustains through misty conditions. Take your best shot.

Safety Harness: Be safe rather than sorry whenever using a treestand for hunting. It should be lightweight, easy to put on and take off, and comfortable to keep on for long hours. Avoid ones with cumbersome, noisy, drooping straps.

Quick-Dry Travel Towel: This everyday bathroom friend is one of your best jungle allies. Get a soft, light one that dries quickly and keeps you dry. Nothing disturbs our focus more than a sweaty face and slippery hands.

LED Flashlight: The jungle can be a dark eerie place after sunset. From finding your way to setting up camps and looking for threats - a flashlight will aid every step in the dark.

Other Hunting Essentials

You can never prep too much in survival situations. There's a host of other hunting essentials that will assist your hunt. These essentials include a trail camera, scent killers, lens cleaner, water bottle, range finder, portable survival tent, field wipes and not to forget - a power bank for your electronic devices.