Folding Knives You Should Avoid

Sometimes you just have to stir up the hornet's nest and slaughter the sacred cow to clear up the smoke. Simply put, there are some horrendous knives that are way too overrated. They might have been good in our Dad's days but in the modern world, these are just outdated, overpriced, and overrated. Many are just plain old useless and didn't even make the cut in standard knife tests. Look, we're not here to talk and point out problems. Some of these manufacturers have some outstanding knives on offer. We'll go through the bad first and show you 10 knives that are out of shape and belong to the museum.


Buck 110

We've all loved this beauty at some point. It still looks dope on pictures and one will be tempted to go ahead and add to his collection. But the fact is, it's a terrible knife in 2022. Even taking the nostalgia into account, it makes no sense to buy a knife that's heavier than a tank and takes an army to open. At 7.5 ounces, it weighs almost twice as much as Paramilitary 2 and takes two hands to operate. It has no pocket clip and a pain in the neck to get serviced. For the money it charges, you can get a modern folding knife a hundred times better and more useful.

Instead buy a ...

Zed - In the same price category is this top-performing folder only 0.35lbs with a 440B razor-sharp drop point blade that can hold its edge even after relentless abuse. It offers the same '70s hunting lodge in Nebraska’ look if you're into nostalgia but is a top-class folding knife built for outdoor enthusiasts.


Medford Praetorian

Pub quiz. Which behemoth weighs half a pound, is made of cheap tool steel, has a high-angle low hollow grind with a rounded tanto tip, and costs an EYE WATERING $425? It’s the Medford Praetorian Scout - a low-quality cheap version of this US-built “heavy use” folder. The owner of the company is a cool guy, I'd love to have a beer with him. But he got this all wrong. This is an overpriced fossil from the bygone era with a blade that's twice the width of most folding knives. Unique selling point? You can try to use it as a shovel rather than a knife.

Instead buy the ...

For a fraction of the price, you can buy the Carbonado - a rugged folding knife built for field duty. The unit comes with a 440C razor-sharp drop point blade and a grippy ergonomic aluminum handle.


Spyderco Delict

Anytime I think of quality tactical knives, the name Spyderco pops to my head. Their brand name is synonymous with top-quality folding knives. But one screams out "WHAT HAPPENED?" when they see their Delica. Ok, let's not be harsh, this used to be a good knife when I was young and shooting cheap vodka from plastic cups. It's light and sharp. But the world has moved on and this folding knife has lost touch with the modern world. It lacks the edge, aesthetics, and is way overpriced for what it is. I see no value in this offer from Spyderco. There are far better knives the brand offers for less.