Do Filter Masks Really Work Better

It’s time to up your mask game. With the surge of a new variant of the COVID 19 virus and authorities urging people to wear masks indoors in certain places - many are considering a safer alternative than the cloth mask. Indeed, there is a need for masks that are safer, better, more comfortable, and can be worn for long hours without discomfort. We’re looking for sustainable masks that people would actually want to wear even when this pandemic is over. A mask that would be able to handle not just viruses in the future but would be able to battle the pollution we’re facing today and keep us safe against germs and pathogens.

Masks With Vents And Filters Do More

No one wants to wear masks if they can avoid it. They’re uncomfortable, smelly, and most importantly they’re highly unfashionable. But masks save lives. Luckily for us in the survival world, wearing a mask with vents and filters is nothing new. We’ve been wearing masks in deserts, jungles, and even in some cities to tackle harsh weather conditions and air pollution. In many cultures, especially near deserts, wearing masks every day is a way of life.

Make masks your top game. Learn about them, know them and get the best one for your own health benefit and for the safety of your community.

Why Masks With Filters? Do They Prevent Coronavirus?

Over the past 15 months or so masks have evolved more rapidly than tech. We’ve come from the humble surgical mask all the way to copper filter masks with vents. And there are real benefits to these filter masks. The number one reason is that you are able to boost filtration efficiency by wearing a 2-layer or a 5-layer mask. You’re protected more and you lower the transmission rate. These masks come with a pocket where you can insert your filter.

The biggest reason for the sudden popularity of the copper filter masks is the revelation that copper kills germs on contact. Scientific research shows that copper possesses antimicrobial properties. Years of study have shown that bacteria and viruses are killed on contact when they come in touch with metallic copper surfaces. The most relevant research on this subject has been done by the New England Journal. It showed copper can inactivate a high concentration of the coronavirus within 4 hours. Some mask manufacturers used the finding to produce fine copper mesh and filters that would kill or inactivate the virus.

The market is suddenly filled with masks offering ‘copper filtration’. Do your research to pick reputable manufacturers. Here are 2 masks that we recommend based on our research.


This copper mask with vents was originally designed to combat harsh outdoor conditions and extreme pollution. It was a mask engineered for outdoor enthusiasts and survival specialists. The mask suddenly hit the charts in 2020 when people found out about the benefits of copper. It’s light, cool, breathable, and comes with 5 additional filters to block out 95% micros (as small 0.3 microns).

Kitshow Face Mask With 2 Added Filter

Kitshow, a North Carolina based cycling company offers standout masks with extra filters. These masks come with HEPA filters which span the entire area of the mask. They are breathable and great for walking, running, and cycling.

NOTE: The best way to stay safe is to get vaccinated. Masks only help lower the transmission rate.