Essential Rescue Gear

As we all know by now, it takes one hit whether it be a Tsunami, a natural disruption, or a pandemic - and the world we know it is changed. The illusion of safety created by advanced tech and by the most powerful governments is gone .. vanished. Not saying we're not lucky to live in the most advanced technological era, but we still need to gear ourselves and learn how to deal with unprecedented emergency situations. Even small irregular weather patterns can drive us to face floods and wildfires. Heaven forbid, but make sure you're prepared just in case. And there's nothing wrong in covering all bases and giving yourself the added peace of mind. Plus, field preparation is perhaps the most thrilling sport for a man.


M-65 Field Jacket

Let’s get the first thing first. The field jacket is a top pedigree gear in military history. With countless iterations over the decades, none is more iconic than the M-65 - a jacket first designed by Alpha Industries to gear up our men for the Vietnam War. This is what every man should have in his arsenal. A full-on cargo jacket with four front pockets, 2 on the chest, and another couple on the hip that can handle an overload of supply. It also comes with an integrated roll-up hoodie that can be neatly tucked inside a collar pouch. The style stayed post-war and the jacket kind of grew into a cult-wear among the survival enthusiasts and outdoor specialists. The cargo pockets, the rugged, wear-resistance waterproof fabric all help to make this the ideal field jacket.


Military Compass

There are a few basics that you cannot afford to miss out on. When phone and GPS are dead and you’re lost in the wilderness, you can find your way to the nearest stream and follow it downhill from there. That’s one way to find your way. But a stream might not always come to the rescue especially on a stormy night in unfathomable darkness when the weather conditions are unfavorable. Then the only thing that can come to your rescue is a compass. A reliable old-fashioned military compass will never let you down. Sure, it can’t lead you to the nearest cafe, theater, or gas station, but sure as heck, it will help you out when nothing else will.


Tactical Fixed Blade Knife

Man’s oldest survival tool is still his best bet for survival. Guns will run out of ammo and jam, but a trusted blade will keep you company with food, water, and shelter for life. The Tekto Serpens with its full-tang razor-sharp D2-53 steel blade and aluminum army-grade handle will help get you out of any sticky situation. The robust fixed blade knife can help you hunt, gather and make an emergency shelter. You can lash this fixed blade knife to a small branch and arm yourself with a lethal spear. An effective spear in the wild is worth a king’s ransom.


J5 Tactical Flashlight

The compass will give you direction, the fixed blade knife will help you hunt food and gather shelter. But what happens when you’re caught in the dark? How do you move around or see your enemy? You need a powerful, reliable light source that will last hours on end. The J5 tactical flashlight is an essential field gear that will guide through in the darkness with a powerful beam coming from a single AA battery. Not only will you be able to find your way and spot wild animals, but you can also be spotted by rescuers or fellow humans from miles away.