Different Types of Pocket Knives

Pocket knives are today, seen as an essential EDC (Every Day Carry) tool and accessory. They come in many different styles, shapes and sizes. They each bring a unique purpose that can serve both personal and professional needs. Knives are usually considered pocket knives when the handles contain a max blade length of 3” inches. Before we dive into the different types of pocket knives, let’s see what aspects to look at when choosing to buy a pocket knife.

Blade edge: Serrated Vs. Plain 

Serrated edges are great for tearing into tough materials where heavy-duty teeth are required. Also, you may never know when your serrated edge may need to be used to cut your steak dinner. The downside is that sharpening needs professional attention. Plain edges are ideal for light-duty materials. They are easy to maintain, sharpen, and are extremely durable.

The Smallest Toolbox In The World - Multi-tool Knives

Multi-tool knives have been around ever since Victorinox shot to popularity with their famous Swiss Army knife. These knives provide practicality with a variety of tools tactically placed inside the handle. Along with the blade, they usually feature a file, saw, can-opener, screwdriver, bottle/can opener, scissors, and other essential tools. They are great for camping, trekking, or using for life in the wild. In recent times the multi-tool knife got a huge update featuring a ‘plier’ and providing more practical use.

Multi-blade knives:

Multi-blade knives such as the ‘canoe’ or ‘trapper’ are a great example of traditional ‘slip joint’ pocket knives. These knives contain a minimum of two blades that share the same back spring whilst opening on opposing ends. Their craftiness is usually finished off with a crisp wooden handle to give it that robust and furnished finishing touch. They are very popular with nature lovers, especially fishermen for their resourcefulness and ability to cut lines quickly and easily.

Tactical knives:

Tactical knives are the cream of the crop. They’re most popular with outdoor and survival enthusiasts. Although primarily designed for military, police, and other emergency service personnel, these rugged knives are highly in demand among bushmen and even in urban jungles. They are remarkably sturdy, sharp, and forged for the most demanding of cutting tasks. Tactical knives can come with either a manual or an automatic mechanism that should be considered depending on the purpose. They come packed in overbuilt frames that provide excellent grip and strength whilst also maintaining comfort levels. Tactical knives also commonly tend to have additional features such as glass breakers, belt clips and seat belt cutters whilst some newer ones also tend to have useful add-ons like flashlights and clip-on mini screwdrivers.

Remember that it’s always a good idea to assess your needs and do a little bit of extra digging before getting your pocket knife. Even the most seductive badass knife might not be the best one suited for your needs. Although sometimes it might not hurt to get more than one and start a collection.