Darby's Warrior Support: Healing Heroes in the Heart of Arkansas

Darby's Warrior Support: Healing Heroes in the Heart of Arkansas

In the serene landscapes of Arkansas, where nature's embrace offers solace, Darby's Warrior Support (DWS) stands as a beacon of healing for those who have served on the front lines. Founded in 2014 as a 501(c)(3) (though it operated unofficially since 2002) nonprofit organization, DWS is on a mission to provide a therapeutic haven for 9/11 generation combat veterans, particularly those from the Special Operations community, offering camaraderie, understanding, and the rejuvenating power of nature. Tekto was lucky enough to be invited for an outing - here’s how it went.

A Unique Retreat: 4,000 Acres in Arkansas

At the heart of DWS's mission lies a commitment to serving veterans, many of whom bear the physical and emotional scars of multiple combat deployments since 2001. The organization invites groups of post-9/11 combat veterans for weekends of hunting and fishing. The goal is clear: to provide a space where warriors can find healing through camaraderie and connection with nature.

DWS acknowledges the sacrifices made by military families and extends its support through various programs. One such initiative is the Youth Hunting program, designed to offer unforgettable weekends in the woods or on the water for soldiers and their children. Experienced or novice hunters are welcome to join for deer hunts or duck and deer combo hunts, fostering meaningful connections and creating lasting memories.

A Hunting Trip to Remember

Darby's Warrior Support embarked on an impactful hunting trip, joined by a representative from Tekto Knives. The atmosphere was one of comfort and anticipation. The generosity of the community and dedicated sponsors ensures that the only expense for guests is their hunting or fishing license. Armed with Tekto's reliable F3 Charlie folding knife, the soldiers seamlessly navigated the challenges of the hunt. Tekto departed with more than just memories, leaving with a profound sense of connection and rejuvenation, a testament to the healing power of the Darby's Warrior Support experience.

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Serving Those Who Serve: A Testament to Southern Hospitality

DWS operates with a lean model, driven by volunteers and sustained by the generosity of donors and sponsors. With only four full-time employees managing operations and administration, the organization maximizes its impact by channeling resources directly to the soldiers it serves. The transparent and professional approach of DWS ensures that every donation contributes to covering soldier expenses, from food and transportation to required equipment and supplies.

As DWS continues to grow and expand its reach, it remains rooted in the essence of its beginnings – a gathering of friends sharing the outdoors, laughter, and understanding. From duck and deer hunts to fishing excursions, the organization's diverse programs offer a holistic approach to healing for those who have given so much in service to their nation. Darby's Warrior Support stands as a testament to the power of community, compassion, and the healing force of nature in the journey of our nation's heroes.

You can donate to Darby’s Warrior Support HERE.