Tekto's 5 Best Selling Knives

When it comes to choosing the perfect knife, there is a lot to think about. The first thing to consider is the type of knife you want. Are you looking for a pocket knife, folding knife, hunting knife, butterfly knife (Balisong), or switchblade? Whatever you decide, please check your local laws on switchblade possession. The laws are constantly being updated so stay informed on local laws.

Next factor to study is the type of steel used to construct the blade. For example, there’s carbon steel, Damascus steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, and tool steel. Each type of steel has its own strengths and weaknesses and each material is best suited for a particular purpose. The information surrounding blade types is staggering, however, at Tekto Knives, we’ve done the research for you.

Our trusted partners, suppliers, and experienced knife designers have made it simple for new and experienced knife lovers to choose a suitable knife. All of our knives—except the Damascus Collection—are made from 440c steel. 440c steel is a high-end stainless steel that attains the highest hardness of any stainless steel. It also has the highest concentration of carbon within the 400 series. It is so strong that it not only is it used for structural aircraft parts, but it’s also referred to as “Stainless Super Steel”.

Tekto's Five Best Selling Knives
To help you on your search for the perfect knife, here’s a look at our five best selling products.

5. Blade - $69.99 (discontinued) 

Tekto Gear Blade Spring Assisted Folding Knife

The Tekto Knives Blade is one of our most appealing knives. It’s a spring-assisted folding knife with a 440C blade. It comes with a pocket clip and a seat belt cutter if you need to escape for any reason. You can order one in stainless steel or matte black depending on your personal preference.

4. Lima - $59.99 (discontinued)


The Tekto Knives Lima combines traditional and modern design. It’s a folding knife that can be folded using one hand. The handle is composed of carbon fiber and wood, while the blade is made of a gray 440C material. It comes with a pocket clip and a linear lock.

3. Spearo - $54.99 (discontinued)


The Spearo is a very uniquely designed knife. Its primary purpose is defense since it can be worn around the neck and is easy and quick to access. The blade material is 440C with a 58HRC (Hardness based on the Rockwell Scale) fitted in a plastic sheath.

2. Swift - $149.99 (discontinued)


Tekto Knives' Swift model is one of the best automatic knives on the market. Using the latest spring technology, it fires very rapidly. The blade is made of 440C material and is a straight blade. The blade length is 3.9”, so check your local laws before purchasing online. It also comes with a hip-clip and a glass window breaker if needed.

1. Rapid - $149.99

Very similar to the Tekto Knives Swift, the Rapid features the same spring technology, hence the name “Rapid”. The blade is also made of 440C stainless steel but is a serrated 3.9” blade. A hip-clip and a glass window breaker are also featured in this simple, yet effective knife.

At Tekto Knives, we pride ourselves in our passion and expertise on knives. We make sure that our enthusiasm and knowledge is reflected in the knives we make available to our customers.