Best Camping Gear Deals

Camping gear is something you don't want to skimp on. You want the best quality gear when dealing blows with nature, and wildlife. But buying good camping gear doesn't mean you have to spend a lot, as you're about to find out.


Knife. It's In Our Blood.

The first survival tool you'll be needing in the wild is a tactical knife. You need one that's rugged, razor-sharp, and strong as a battle tank. The best camping knives should be robust, and full-tang that can take on any job in the wild from splitting branches to hunting games. Tekto Knives offers an exquisite range of stunning knives tailored for bushcraft life.

Tekto's fixed blade knife TEKINA is about as good as it gets for backcountry hunters. You can rely on this strong full-tang razor-sharp hunting knife to cut, slice, hack, skin, field dress, and shave campfire tinder. Premium quality fixed blade knives like the TEKINA usually cost between $300 - $500 but you can own it now for just $64.

You're not always going to need to pull out a massive full-tang fixed blade in the wild. Most of the time you'll need a smallish yet rugged folding knife or switchblade. I carry both an automatic knife or a switchblade is easy and quick to fire open with a one-handed operation. The folding blade has fewer moveable parts and is hence more sturdy.

One of the best folding knives for camping is the Carbonado - a quality build that comes at less than $80. This is an army-grade field knife.

If you're looking for a marine-grade automatic knife but don't want to spend too much, take a look at KENETIK - a solid client with a penetrating tanto blade that fires out with a silky-smooth action. It's one of the very few premium-built switchblades that come under $100.


The Tent

Sleeping under the starlit sky may sound adventurous but in the wild, you need to secure yourself inside a solid shelter. A high-quality tent can make all the difference to your camping experience. Premium tents usually bear a premium price tag going from $600+ to thousands. But we’ll help you get a top-quality tent for just a couple of hundred bucks. Discover Backcountry x NEMO Nachi tent - a prime example of time-tested knowledge calling upon design and engineering to create a spacious 2-person capacity tent. The 3-season tent boasts a dual-door vestibule layout allowing you to easily store your camping gear and packs without blocking the way. It also comes with a host of shelf-like pockets that you can use to organize your stuff.


Sleeping Bag. Floating With The Stars

For almost everything related to camping you need something sturdy and rugged. Except when comes to sleeping bags. When out in nature, you want to be warm and comfortable at night. You should look for something that's roomy (look for rectangular designs), has a soft fabric, and comes with generous insulation.

Coleman Green Valley offers one of the best budget sleeping bags at just $50. It'll keep you warm and is rated 30°F. The material is good, but don't expect luxury at that price. It's the best buy for casual campers who need a 3-season sleeping bag for mild-moderate conditions.