Why Automatic Knives Should Be Legal

In a country like ours (U.S.A), where buying and using firearms is legendary, it’s hard to imagine why there would be a ban at all on a 6-inch switchblade.

The National Rifle Association says people in Texas and New Mexico can buy full-auto weapons made 1986 and earlier as long as they are federally registered. Texas prohibits the sale of fully automatic weapons but, if the gun is properly registered under federal law, it’s legal to have.

Wouldn’t you think that a man with serious intent to kill, rob or something more sinister would get an automatic firearm rather than a switchblade? As much as the ban on automatic knives were welcomed by many, it left an awful lot of people baffled.

According to FBI, Four times as many people are killed with knives than rifles. This is a very strong case indeed.

However, take a look at the chart below. Look closely.

Image courtesy: Daily Caller

In the chart above we do see an alarming number of murders by knife (1604). However, a close look reveals handguns and other firearms far outnumber knives plus all other weapons combined.

And here’s the paradox.

Handguns were not included in the assault weapons ban.

Now, we have an argument. If handguns aren't classified as assault weapons and kill more than any, why put a ban on automatic knives?

Donald Trump recently defended the use of guns by drawing a parallel with London’s knife problem. London streets are notorious for knife crimes as we know.

But let’s do a comparison.

Courtesy: Euro News

The U.K looks like U.S.A’s little brother. But, wait till you see the firearm murders comparison below.
Courtesy: Euro News

So, U.S.A ‘trumps’ the U.K in both knives and guns. And guns are the top choice of weapons for taking people’s lives.

Automatic knife laws. Check the facts.

Let’s get the facts in before we dive in to a heated debate about knife legalization.

You can carry an automatic knife or switchblade. The FSA does not inhibit carrying automatic knives in any way.

The ban is on automatic knives for sale across borders.

This prohibits manufacturers and vendors from commercially selling automatic knives across state lines.

So, what about buying automatic knives online? Automatic knives are legal in 40 states. If autos are legal in your state, you’re free to buy and own one (or more).

Make sure to learn about the legalities in your state.

Should switchblades and all automatic knives be legalized?

This might cause a stir but in my honest opinion, I think switchblades should be legalized and use of it regulated. So, say, for example, carrying automatic knives should be restricted to certain places like educational institutions, stadiums, restaurants, bars and that’s a long list.

But, in a country where handguns are sold to an 18-year old, I cannot justify banning a survival tool which is mainly used for outdoor activities and survival situations. It’s an essential gear for hiking, hunting, fishing and camping. Not to mention, it can save your life if (God forbid) you’re attacked.

Yes, crimes are committed using knives. But many of those are kitchen knives. So, are we going to ban kitchen knives next? Or is it time to educate the younger generation on how to be responsible with tools and weapons that can be fatal?

It’s not switchblades or automatic knives that kill. It’s how our society has been formed and driven. Unlike guns, knives can and have saved lives of both men and animals. They are tools we have been using to improve life for thousands of years. We use them on earth and in space.

Should we shape our society to curb violence? Or simply go around banning automatic knives for sale? You tell us what you think.